Everything’s going to be ok. You are not alone.

If you’ve been a Bodyworker for any length of time, then you know that building a career or business in our wonderful field is not all roses and rainbows. While it can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling work, there are plenty of times where you may wish you had someone to help answer some questions, lend a compassionate ear to your troubles, or help inspire you with new ideas. That’s what the MassageBook community is all about.

Questions answered by those that know

Odds are, if you’re going through some challenges, someone else has had a similar experience before you that they worked through. The MassageBook community is filled with kind, compassionate souls who love to help others. All you have to do is ask…

Build your professional reputation

Have a lot of experience in a certain area of bodywork or business? Share your wisdom and experience! You’ll create wonderful Karma for yourself and be recognized in the MassageBook community as the “go to” person for your specialty. Readers of your contributions can vote your responses up, making it easy to track the value of your answers.

Ideas? Let’s have them!

If you haven’t already figured it out, MassageBook was born from a love of the bodywork profession and from a desire to help our fellow bodyworkers succeed. That’s our simple mission. As MassageBook grows and becomes even more amazing, we look to our community to help us decide what we should be adding and improving. That’s what the MassageBook community section titled “ Ideas” is all about. You tell us what you’d like to see us adding to MassageBook, others in the community can vote on your suggestions, and the ideas with the most votes get developed. MassageBook: By the people, for the people. That’s how we roll.

Alex Messier

Alex Messier

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Kimo Williams

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