Automatically bill your clients monthly for services.

Membership plans (you may call them subscriptions) automatically bill your clients monthly for a specified number of services which they can then book directly through you or online on your existing website or on your MassageBook website. MassageBook allows for the easy creation of custom membership plans and automates billing and the seamless management of client activity.

The Many Benefits of a Membership Plan

Successful massage practices are built on having a healthy number of clients who come back to visit regularly. Memberships act like a loyalty program that both encourage and reward your clients for making an appointment at least once a month. The result? An increase in the number of repeat clients AND predictable monthly income from the regular monthly membership fees you charge.

Start a Membership Plan for your Massage Practice Today

While the concept of running a Membership program for your massage practice seems simple enough on the surface, it can be a surprisingly challenging thing to manage without the help of software. MassageBook’s breakthrough Membership plan management solution lets anyone quickly and easily create and manage custom Membership Plans. Try it and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to start a Membership program for your massage practice.

Automate Billing and tracking of Membership Balances

Every month, on the appointed membership renewal date, MassageBook will automatically charge a Member’s credit card and issue service credits for the Membership plan you set up. You choose whether unused credits roll over or not. You simply keep working as usual - MassageBook tracks all activity, credits and balances for every member. You’ll always know every detail about every client at any time. How’s that going to feel?

Sell Membership Plans online or in person

The beauty of the seamlessly integrated MassageBook system is that the Membership Plans you create can easily be sold on your existing website, in person in your office, or through a MassageBook business website.

Enjoy reliable monthly income from Memberships

Every massage and bodywork practice strives to get to a place where income has grown to a comfortable level and where the financial ups and downs of their bank account balance smooth out. By moving more of your clients onto a Membership plan, and by being paid like clockwork each month, you’ll be able to predict future months’ income more closely. That should help keep your stress levels down.

No More Phone Tag... My Clients Love Booking Online

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