If you want to create a business plan from scratch, our infographic shows 5 key steps to a successful practice:

  1. **Attracting New Customers** The key to attracting customers is to have a comprehensive and accurate website where potential clients can learn more about your qualifications, the services you offer, and more details about your business. Having an up-to-date and regularly maintained social media presence is also important for branding and getting the word out about your practice.
  1. **Encouraging Repeat Business** Customer loyalty is one of the most important and valuable aspects of running a massage therapy practice. Automated email marketing, regularly updating social media sites (and encouraging clients to follow you on social media), as well as offering incentives, such as a gift certificate program, are all ways to encourage repeat business. Being personable and building relationships with clients offline is also an important aspect of customer loyalty.
  1. **Managing and Organizing Schedules & Client Records** Your schedule is the lifeblood of your business, and it’s important to keep it accurate, and updated, in order to maximize availability and avoids potential errors. It helps your business run smoothly so that everyone is happy. Customer records are also vital to running your business. The more organized your records are, the easier it will be to contact your clients, stay organized, and shows your clients that you are professional and worthy of doing business with.
  1. **Overseeing Finances** Perhaps the most stressful and vital portion of running a business is keeping up with your finances. Having an accurate record of pending and complete payments and overhead will ensure that you are budgeting correctly and keeping your business in the black. Giving clients an easy way to pay, also helps to increase customer loyalty.
  2. **Building and Managing Your Reputation & Brand **One of the easiest ways to build and manage your reputation is through reviews and testimonials. Make it easy for your clients to sing your praises and show potential new clients that you are someone worthy of doing business with.


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