Organization is something that most small business owners struggle with. This is understandable, as most massage therapists handle everything from client intake forms, keeping client records up to date, scheduling, SOAP notes, liability waivers, and accounting to taxes.  It’s easy for time to be in short supply and for even the most efficient schedules to go awry. Add client service to the mix and you have a recipe for disorganization. Here’s how software can allow you to focus more on your clients and less on organizational and administrative tasks:

  1. Never search for a piece of paper again

MassageBook’s software allows you to access ALL of a client’s records with just a few clicks or taps of the finger, and automatically organizes all a client’s details together, including intake forms, contact information, payment and appointment history, upcoming appointments, gift certificate tracking, and even SOAP notes. Having this information at your fingertips keeps you beautifully organized and in tune with what your clients need.

  1. Save valuable hours and increase efficiency

There’s no way to overstate it: time is money when you are a small business owner. The minutes you can save recalling relevant information can add up to dollars later in your day. If your current process is to write everything in a notebook (or the dreaded flood of Post-It notes), all-encompassing software platform can change your life. With MassageBook, you can coordinate  multiple staff calendars with ease, thanks to a seamless Google Calendar integration, but you can also send out automatic appointment reminders, which keeps your schedule running smoothly.

Additionally, the online scheduling process can integrate with your current website and allow you to accept credit cards with a simple and flat processing rate of 2.75% with no commitment and no surprises.

  1. Allows you to focus on client service

Keeping up with your growth while always appearing professional is critical if you’re going to run a successful massage or bodywork business. MassageBook’s platform allows you to pull up client contact details with a few simple clicks, track progress, review appointment and payment histories, and take quick but thorough SOAP notes.

Having all the information you need instantly available provides you with the ability to professionally manage your practice while freeing you up to do your best work with clients.

Have we mentioned that we’re also completely mobile? Our platform exceeds expectations by working perfectly on phones and tablets. No more carting around an accordion folder or having a confusing paper system at your practice.

Best-in-class software solutions can help you become a better massage therapist and make it easy to grow your business without losing control.

Ready to upgrade your practice today and put yourself on track for a great 2016? Sign up for a free MassageBook account today! If you have any questions, please call us at (843) 312-2735 – we would love to help you too!