Every massage website’s main goal should be: getting booked appointments

Of course, it’s designed to stand out among all other goals. But to one purpose: to turn online visitors into booked appointments.

Consider the study that approximately 96% of online visitors that come to your website are not ready to spend yet. You will probably rethink how your website should work.

The clients are ever stressed yet ever so tech-savvy but it’s getting harder to woo them in and out of your hands.

Don’t be discouraged though! Let us not all be intimidated by the challenge of technology or sale stubborn clients.

In fact, we have gathered some very helpful insights on how you can optimize your website for sale. These simplified yet powerful tips will clear up the confusion. You’ll be converting those online visitors into loyal clients soon.

Maximize your conversion funnel

Conversion funnel what? A conversion funnel is simply the process on how your prospects will arrive at your website. First, they will probably be aware of your business through social media, through blogs or through reviews and recommendations. Then they will take an interest.

You turn that interest into desire so they will take action and visit your website. It’s a funnel because people will go through stages before they will arrive at the last goal which is: booking online appointments to you!

So what do you do? Invest in your social media campaign, level up your content marketing and most importantly rev up the reviews. The Annual BrightLocal Consumer Review Survey 2017 revealed that: 85% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

-Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more and -68% of consumers left a local business review when asked - with 74% having been asked for their feedback.

Simplified, you just keep doing what you do best: make people feel better. But don’t forget to market your progress online. More importantly, ask for some reviews from your loyal clients from time to time. But again, if you’re good, those heavenly massage skills won’t be kept secret for so long.

Simplify your website

A Microsoft consumer study claims humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish—8 seconds. Thanks, online revolution!

Your website has an even shorter time span: 5 seconds. That’s how long it takes for online visitors to decide whether they ditch you or stay.

So the first time they land on your page, bang! They should be able to see right away what they can get from you. Is it relaxation or money-back-guarantee? Is it a free massage for first timers? Is it your unique specialty (no-one-else-is-like-me) in sports massage?

Make your unique selling point POP. Don’t include so many useless links, pop-ups and jargons but make what is relevant to the consumer highly interesting.

Also, make your site meaningful and unforgettable, with complete critical details of your services and offers, content that is fresh and juicy with captivating images, plus relevant testimonials to hook visitors to stay.

Make your website multi-device friendly

There are laptops, there are tablets, there are phones, there are phablets.

It is important in this day and age that your website can support the latest devices. People no longer browse from desktops, in fact, according to a recent survey, 85% of respondents said they use mobile devices for booking activities. So better make sure your assets can keep up.

Offer Incentives and rewards

This has got to be one of the best unique selling points. If they are not blown away by your clean website, high tech platform, experience you can seal the deal with a reward.

How about a (time-limited) discount or a (conditional) freebie. For example, “come with a friend and get 2 massages for the price of 1” or “come in the next 2 hours and avail of a 50% discount!”

Whatever you choose think of an incentive that they will regret if they don’t book now. Or when they do need a massage, only one comes up to mind: you.

Less is Best for Massage Therapist Appointment Systems

Conversion expert Tim Ash recommends keeping forms to only the essentials.

Sometimes you may have already gotten them hooked but you ask too much.

They can still let go when your booking process is so long, boring and time-consuming. Don’t have your visitors take so many steps and browse through so many pages before they can actually book, again keep it fast and simple (think Uber).

It is best to check if you have the best online appointment system also, like is it an all-in-one business solution? Does it let you know how many lookers turn into bookers? Do you understand your conversation rate?

If your online booking system doesn’t make it easy for you. It’s time you get a better one.

Finally, keep it both High-Tech and High-touch

According to Julia Pankey, managing partner of JMPankey Partners, the generation of clients today are “technology-driven, mobile ready and are looking for immediate gratification,”.

Beth McGoroarty, director of research from PR Global Wellness Institute, also backed the sentiment.

“What’s driving trends in today’s state of unprecedented stress: being connected 24/7, the lack of boundaries between work and life, and the fact that by 2030, 80% of the human population will live in urban, nature- deprived areas,” McGoroarty shared to Dayspa magazine.

Now that everything is fast-paced the technology of your business needs to keep up. But remember, at the core of your service is always that high, warm, personal touch.

Get your customers to connect to you when they are out of your hands. But when they land into your caress, make sure they are disconnected to their gadgets, to their worries and to their stress.

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