If you’re looking to grow your massage therapy business, you need to attract more local clients to try your services. Yelp is one of the most powerful resources on the Internet for massage therapists who want to market their business. It is like an online word-of-mouth engine!

Yelp can help you get the word out on how good your practice is. With sixty million registered users and over 20 million business reviews, it is critical that a you develop a presence on Yelp to gain local traffic and exposure.

Building Your Massage Therapy Business with Yelp

Here are seven ways to use Yelp to boost your massage therapy business and attract new clients:

1. Claim ownership of your Yelp business profile – Your online profile allows potential clients to find you online. You can showcase what services you offer, link to your website, directions to your location, how to contact you, photos, hours, and the little details that would make people want to experience your massage therapy services.


2. Make a visual presentation – Yelp enables profile owners to upload pictures of all kinds. We suggest hiring a professional photographer or using a nice camera and take key shots of your business, services and anything else that makes your business unique and stand out. If a professional photographer isn’t in the cards, use your smartphone! Be sure to include an exterior shot of your practice so people can spot your front door instantly. If you provide mobile services, be sure to include a shot of your service vehicle.


3. Use positive reviews to your advantage – Positive Yelp reviews are extremely powerful! They put your practice in an excellent position to earn business from Yelp visitors. Reviews can help you attract new customers and validate that you are great massage therapist! Don’t stop there! It can also behove you to repurpose your hard earned reviews on your other web assets such as your MassageBook listing, website and Facebook page. MassageBook automates this process for you so you can focus on what you do best, earning more reviews by performing outstanding service!


4. Use negative reviews to your advantage – Your approach to negative reviews needs to show how much you care about your customers. Your response needs to be calm and respectful, no matter how negative the review. Sincerely thank the person for the feedback, acknowledge the problem they are reporting and let them know how you plan to fix or improve the situation. A calm, constructive response to an adverse review shows that you care what your clients say, whether positive or negative.


5. Use Yelp’s metrics to improve your presence – When you claim ownership of your business profile on Yelp, you gain access to valuable behind-the-scenes metrics. You can see how many times your company appeared in Yelp searches, your number of profile views, how many visitors click through to your website and how many used mobile devices. These metrics show you what value you’re getting and can reveal opportunities to better optimize your listing for more exposure.


6. Tap into the extra services Yelp offers – You can advertise your business through Yelp ads. Yelp ads include extras such as an enhanced photo gallery, video on your profile and removal of competitors’ ads from your profile page (which is huge!). You can also offer coupons which can help you convert profile views to appointments!


7. Learn about your competition – Take time to check out what people are saying about your competition. What aspects of your competition do folks customers like? What don’t they like? Learning what your competitors are doing right and wrong can empower you to make changes in your own practice. You can also look for opportunities that make your practice unique. Knowledge is power so be sure to take the time to do a little recon.

How to Increase Your Yelp Reviews

By now I hope you realize the power that Yelp can have on your massage therapy business. To get the most from Yelp, ask clients to take the time to offer reviews of your service. You can do this in a number of ways:

Yelp Reviews

Hand out “Find Me on Yelp” stickers to customers. Ask them to leave a review.

Put a badge on your website and MassageBook listing that directs clients to your Yelp profile.

Send follow-up emails to clients asking them to review their experience with you on Yelp.

Offer great service all the time to earn solid 5-star reviews!

Positive reviews on Yelp go way beyond their website. Google looks at your reviews too and considers them when ranking local businesses. Earning positive reviews could have a significant impact on new prospective clients finding and trusting you for their bodywork. Do great work, ask for reviews and watch your business grow!

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