There are a lot of amazing advantages of moving your SOAP notes and intake forms to a software solution.

Filing and sorting paperwork along with data input are necessary but tedious aspects of running a successful massage business. But, if you’re like most massage therapists we know, you’d prefer to spend your time focused on clients, not organizing and searching through paperwork records.

Keeping clear, consistent SOAP notes for your clients is the cornerstone of any professional massage practice.

Here you’ll learn five features to look for in a massage SOAP notes app with templates for your massage therapy business.

The Benefits of Using a Massage SOAP Notes App

Being a successful massage therapist means keeping quality client records. Knowing how to take clear and consistent SOAP notes and having organized records is vital for several reasons, which you’re probably already aware of.

Sometimes, when your business is really busy, it can be difficult to stay on top of recordkeeping. This adds to your stress levels and will ultimately affect your ability to be fully present during a client’s session.

Thankfully, software apps can make taking SOAP notes faster, make the notes themselves more consistent, and keep them organized and accessible from anywhere – even your phone!

Here are some key features to look for in a massage SOAP notes app:

1. HIPAA Compliant

We understand how stressful it is to remain HIPAA compliant. Your practice depends on it. Many massage practices perform insurance billing and in order to do so, you need secure HIPAA files.

That’s why you need a massage SOAP notes app that guarantees your records are organized so client information remains confidential and you get paid.

2. Access to Important Details

Do you have countless clients coming in and out of your practice each day? It can be overwhelming to mentally keep track of everyone’s medical records.

Don’t stress yourself out. Instead, choose a SOAP notes app that puts important medical information at your fingertips, such as medications or treatments.

3. Customizable Intake Forms

You’ve likely created a completely unique massage practice. And that’s why you need customizable intake forms.

We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect intake form template that asks all the right questions. Stop struggling to make a generic template work.

Instead, use the right massage SOAP notes software to customize intake forms that fit your practice and your clients’ individual needs.

4. SOAP Note Reminders

Running a massage practice involves a lot of moving parts. There are days you may only have a few minutes to spare between appointments.

We understand that accidents happen. Did you forget to mark down a specific treatment or important notes about a client’s session?

Don’t sweat it! A massage SOAP notes app will send you a reminder to create a new note for clients that you’ve recently seen but may have forgotten to write a note for.

5. Drawing Tools

Are you a visual learner? Sometimes, a written description simply isn’t enough. That’s where SOAP notes with drawing tools come in handy.

Here you can draw your findings directly on an anatomy chart. You can choose different colors and tools to create an accurate visual reference.

Let a Massage SOAP Notes App Do the Work

We know what it’s like to feel bogged down by notes and paperwork. Not only is it stressful, but it takes away the joys of why you became a massage therapist in the first place – to connect with and heal your clients.

Let a massage SOAP notes app organize all your important notes, forms, and patient information so you can be present during each and every session.

Learn more here about the unique features of our free and premium MassageBook SOAP notes solutions.

Don’t have a MassageBook subscription yet? Download the free massage therapy SOAP notes template below.