If you have been ignoring your Google rank, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to attract new clients. Don’t let other practices near you win new clients with a higher Google rank.  Start by monitoring your local rank.

One thing to keep in mind is that Google is continuously refining their search engine results pages and customizing results for individuals based on previous searches, location and demographic. Therefore, it’s important to remember that monitoring your Google rank for your focus keywords is not a perfect system.

Before you can start improving, you need to benchmark where you are currently. To do this: open an incognito window in Chrome or use the private browsing feature in Firefox or Safari. Each of these options allows you to search without your previous browsing history being taken into account. Then search for your business name (or your name) and see where you show up (page 1, page 2, page 10).

Then begin searching for your focus (or target) keywords. These are words and phrases you think people would use most frequently to describe your business, and the words for which you’d like to rank highly. Some examples of this might be:

Dave Lundt massage therapist

Lundt massage therapy

Massage therapy Costa Mesa

If you do not have a website or directory listing

It’s important to start establishing a web presence that is both consistent and correct.

1. Check your name, address and phone number consistency on any and all platforms.

  • This includes any directory listings (such as yellowpages.com or Yelp!) and your social media profiles. If you find an incorrect listing, correct this immediately, as it can negatively impact search engine optimization (SEO), which is largely responsible for your Google rank. Get more information here: MassageBook Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2. Create a MassageBook directory listing

  • This will generate a free website for your business and help you improve rankings without the headache of creating a website from scratch.

3. Create a Google My Business page

  • Google recently integrated its Maps, Places and Google+ profiles in one spot: Google My Business. Claiming your business here is especially helpful for local searches because it enables you to show up in Google Maps and have your contact information displayed in the top of search results when a searcher is in your local area. Since many searchers are now on mobile devices, this makes it easier for people to see where your practice is located and give you a call (see below for an example screenshot of massage therapy in Costa Mesa, CA):


No matter where you’re starting, there are lots of techniques you can try to get found online. Because Google is such a powerful tool for finding businesses, it’s important that you’re able to cut through the noise. Are you doing innovative things to improve your business’s visibility online? We want to hear about them! Share with us on the MassageBook Facebook page.