There’s no denying it. Social Media is a huge part of our everyday lives. It’s how we keep up with friends and family, the latest trends and most importantly, promoting our business online. People are checking out your profile, followers and “online personality” before they even book with you. Your social media presence can be a double-edged sword. It can either make your business or break your business.

If you follow these 3 quick and easy social media tips you can see an increase in traffic to your site, client bookings and online engagement!

1) Completely fill out your profile – This is something I’ve seen missed by business owners hundreds of times. Posting a picture, your profession and birthday is not a completed profile. It just screams, “Not committed.” As a Massage Therapist, you are the authority on pain and stress management. Let your audience know what you do and how you can assist them. When writing a description of your business, be sure to include the following: A detailed description of your services, client reviews, clinic address and if you’re mobile. Your biography should highlight your background in the healing arts and how many years in practice. Also, include any training/certifications and don’t be afraid to add a little “personality” in your bio. Remember, you’re still a person. Make sure your audience is getting a piece of you.

2) Engage your audience – Have you been on social media pages and seen people asking questions and no one is answering them? This happens on 60% of business pages. When businesses leave their audience hanging it sending a message that the business owner has no time for them. This will result in them “un-following” which is the same as losing a customer. Talk to your audience, answer their questions and most importantly be genuine. This let’s your audience know that you care and you’re being attentive to their needs. Isn’t that what we do naturally as Massage Therapist anyway?

3) Don’t be afraid to show yourself in action – This is a great way to really make you stand out amongst the sea of therapists. Make a video of yourself performing a massage or whatever your specialty may be. I posted a video on YouTube of myself doing a Thai Massage. Do you know by the end of the day I booked 8 Thai Massages! You can easily upload a video onto a social media site of choice and let the video do the selling for you. If you want to go that extra mile. Start a YouTube channel. Starting a YouTube channel is a great way of getting exposure. People can see your face, hear your voice and watch you do, what you do best! Most people are attracted to visual images rather than written or spoken word. Seeing you in action will get a potential client to book quicker than you telling him or her how beneficial a treatment is.

These social media tips can provide new opportunities for Massage Therapists. You can gain more clients, have an advantage over the competition, and increase traffic to your website. It’s truly an essential and cost effective way of marketing your practice.

Guest Post by:

Michael Jones is a Business mentor, and social media expert assisting natural health businesses realize their full potential. Let Michael transform and grow your online presence, empowering you as a business owner.