Here’s what’s new with Online Booking, Appointment Reminder Emails, and Email Campaigns for massage therapists and bodyworkers in the latest version of MassageBook!

Now Clients Can Breeze Through Online Booking by Keeping a Card on File

Online booking should always be easy and convenient for your clients — especially if you want to keep them coming back for more.

But having to manually enter a credit card every time they prepay for an appointment booked online can get a bit tedious.

What’s New: Clients now have the option to store a card on file that they can select to use each time they prepay for their online booking.

The next time a client prepays for an appointment online, they will be asked if they’d like to save the card for future use when they come back to book again.


All they have to do is select “Remember this card” on the checkout page, and the card they are currently using will automatically show as an available payment method the next time they book and prepay for an appointment with your business.


Once they pick their card on file, the rest is as easy as adding a tip (optional) and selecting “Pay & Confirm” to reserve the appointment.


Please note: The ability to store a card on file is only available on the client-facing side of MassageBook at this time. When a client chooses to save their card for future use, it can only be used or deleted online by that client.

On the business-facing side of MassageBook, you will not (yet) be able to select a client’s saved card when checking out an appointment, nor do you have the ability (yet) to store a client’s card for online booking prepayment in your business account.

Advanced Online Tipping Options That Better Suit You and Your Clients

Clients who book online can now prepay a tip in addition to paying for their service. This avoids the need for you or your clients to have to handle cash or credit cards after appointments have been completed. Your clients can simply get off the table, get dressed, and walk out the door!

We realize that not all businesses on MassageBook accept gratuities, however.

What’s New: To make sure those practices aren’t put in any awkward situations, online tipping can now be turned OFF under Business Settings > Online Booking Rules > Prepayment Rules. (This setting is ON by default.)


What’s New: We’ve also added the ability for clients to add a custom tip amount on the online booking checkout page, in addition to being able to select from pre-set options of 10%, 15% or 20%.


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Updated Appointment Reminder Emails (COVID-19 Enhancement)

Appointment reminder emails are COVID-19 ready: they include a precautionary statement about coronavirus symptoms to help make your pre-screening process easier.

And because checking in with clients before they walk through your door will make for a smarter, safer experience at each appointment, it’s important that the info on your reminder emails doesn’t get overlooked.

What’s New: The COVID-19 statement at the bottom hasn’t changed, but the new red text should help make it jump out and get noticed.


To add precautions to your reminder emails, go to Business Settings > Outgoing Messages > Client Messages. Open the Appointment Reminder preview and select “Include COVID-19 Precaution Statement” at the bottom of the page.

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Send an Email Campaign That Really Stands Out in a Client’s Crowded Inbox

Who doesn’t love a good use of an emoji, right? They have practically changed the way we communicate.

When used effectively, their eye-catching power can quickly grab a reader’s attention.

That’s exactly what you need in an email subject line if you want to make an impression on how many people are opening what you’re sending.

What’s New: We’re not suggesting that you go too crazy with how often you use them or how many you include, but emojis are now supported in the subject line of MassageBook Email Campaigns.

Previously, they would not show up in a client’s inbox, but after working a little magic on our end, they now appear in all their emoting glory!


Want to use an emoji in your subject line but using a computer keyboard that doesn’t include them? Check out to copy & paste your favorites from a library of sources.

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