Every day there are new opportunities to increase your marketing reach. You can run numerous campaigns, such as blogging, click ads, real commercial campaigns and events. As a massage therapist, you can also give out entry-level discounts and business cards, as you are providing a tangible health resource that your customers can use. So how can you learn from your customer base, and how can you use this information to expand your business?


To succeed in marketing, you need to tightly focus on specific goals. Your marketing framework should be scalable and be easily replicated. Whether you are just beginning or advanced, you must have a tightly focused marketing technique. Without direction, you could be wasting time and money. Let’s explore how to focus your marketing and leverage your customer base.

First Step to Success

The first step in becoming a successful marketer, and ultimately grow your business, is to get to know your customers and why they are YOUR customers! This means learning from your best clients in an effort to understand why they use your service, and how you can use them as a template for your audience and prospective new customers. Your marketing machine must be laser focused on your customers to achieve the best possible results. To do that you must gather information and do research by asking questions.

What to Ask your Customers

Your marketing should always begin with how you can provide value. Here are a few questions to ask first:

  • Who are the people using your service?
  • What do your customers value?
  • Why do they need massage?
  • What do they feel when they come to you for a massage?
  • If they are not your client, are they currently using another therapist?
  • What will it take to make them your client?
  • Learn from Your Best Clients

    Have a serious conversation with your best clients, and ask them a few questions. These questions can provide insight on how your service is helpful outside of the normal everyday visits.

  • How did they find out about you?
  • Why did they choose you and the type of massage therapy you provide?
  • You will find that in many cases your best clients came to you because of a pressing issue in their own lives – such as back pain. You will also find that it didn’t really matter whether they found you online, or in a brick-and-mortar building, because your services are what they were seeking. This will give you some direction for your marketing because you will know that some of your services have benefited existing customers, so likely it will benefit new customers as well.

    Learn Their Why

    Ultimately, what you want to learn from your best clients is why they choose you and your services. For example, do they sit at a desk all day? Do they have severe lower back pain because of this? If so, massage therapy is likely the best treatment they’ve found for relief. This information can help you craft marketing messaging that targets people with desk jobs and lower back pain. Once you learn what motivates them, then you’ll know the best way to market to them.

    Summing Up

    It is vitally important to focus on your customers, know their why and how best to market to them. Find ways to research their pain points, and use your marketing to highlight massage therapy as the solution to their pain.