5 seconds.

That’s how long it takes for someone to decide whether to bounce off your website or stay.

5 seconds is about as long as it took for you to read the above sentence. Your website really needs to start with a bang. A hook. Pull people in.

Here are some pro tips for making your website content bolder, more engaging and more effective in creating bookings.

Make a claim.

Remember your English 101 class?

Your teacher probably told you to state your case up front.

A website is no different. Hone a direct but broad message like, “Find zen with our bodywork services” or tailor your message to your specific clientele: “Excel your athletic career with massage therapy.” Either way, it should be immediately obvious what the benefits of visiting your business are.

Pro tip: read reviews of popular bodywork businesses and use the same wording, so you’re literally speaking your potential client’s language.

Optimize toward action.

As journalists would say, “don’t bury the lead.”

Your website’s primary goal is to be your 24-7 salesperson, to generate new business, and to make it easy for repeat clients to schedule appointments.

Make that “Book Now” button big, a contrasting color, and above the “fold” (which is old newspaper talk for the top of the page).

Once they click, make sure the booking flow is simple, fast, and works on mobile devices. (This is where using a simple “plug-in” like MassageBook with your existing website can save the day.)

Make your content accessible.

If your website aims to educate–about your bodywork, the industry or product lines you carry, for example–make the articles accessible.

Pro Tip: The most easily-digestible articles are written at an 8th grade reading level.

Also, make sure it’s easy to share your articles on social media (just put those social icons at the bottom of each article). Generating content is time-consuming and you should always be sure that there is a return on that time investment. That return can be made through social sharing, as it can potentially bring you new fans and customers.

Use images to attract attention and create feelings of comfort.

We humans are attracted to images 100 times more than words.

Just TRY not to look at a photo on a page. Now try not to form an opinion of the people you see in the photo. It’s virtually impossible.

Choose just a few quality images that accurately show you and your space.

Quality is absolutely more important that Quantity.

And try really hard not to use stock photos. Everyone knows that they’re staged and it actually makes people concerned about what your place really must look like if you’re forced to use stock photography.

Pro Tip: Barter a massage with a local photographer for three photos: A headshot, office entrance or waiting room(if you have one), and a treatment room photo.

You can do this!

Not technically savvy? That’s ok.

Whether you use MassageBook’s turn-key website solution, or want to integrate MassageBook’s Reviews, Gift Certificates or Booking Widgets into your own website, creating a beautiful, easy to maintain and effective website can be accomplished by anyone.

Nothing to it but to do it!

Learn more about how MassageBook can simplify your practice and help you generate more income.