Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at MassageBook!

Simply put, we’re just dropping by to spread some love.

The work each and every one of you do on a daily basis promotes peace, warmth and kind heartedness within your communities, and we want to say thanks for your ongoing passion and commitment!

We’ve got your back at every step :)

Below you’ll find a quick update about what we’ve been working on plus a few sweets we sprinkled in.

In shared success,

The MassageBook Team

Autofill Appointment Details

Save time booking appointments for your regulars! The new autofill tool populates the details for you.

Next time you book an appointment for a client who has had one in the past, the service provider, room, service and duration for the new one will automatically be filled in based on the last one’s information.

Head over to the Schedule to activate the feature in Schedule Settings.



  • Schedule Settings are account specific; each staff member can choose which options best suit their needs.

  • Coming soon to MassageBook Mobile!

Gift Certificate Templates

These have been in the wild for about a month, but in case you missed it, you’ll find 12 new templates available for selection online and in the Cash Register.


Let’s hope you see a lot of ‘em coming through your door soon!

Member of the Month

The MassageBook Member of the Month is a new program we’re introducing in 2019 as a way to connect with one of you, an amazingly awesome bodyworker who is part of this flourishing community.

Meet Ann!

She’s been with MassageBook from the get-go, and she’s been navigating her way through it ever since to manage her business, Table for One Day Spa in Westminster, CA.

2019 Marketing Planner

The Marketing Planner lists holidays and special events throughout 2019, and ideas for how to make the most of each using Campaigns, Promotions and Gift Certificates are included.

Use it as a resource to set yourself up for the best year yet!

iKnead Store Update

A brand new iKnead Store is on the way! You may have noticed that we’ve been clearing house recently to make room for an expanded product menu. It’s being restocked in the coming weeks with all the daily essentials, including new lotions, oils and equipment.

Please note, beginning in March, iKnead points will expire one year after they’re earned. Points that were earned over a year ago will no longer be available for use.

You can still redeem them towards 9 face cradle covers for $9 in the current store!

Coming Soon

We can’t give away the nitty gritty just yet, but our efforts are focused on building an automated memberships feature for your clients. Imagine creating a monthly service plan, subscribing a client to it, billing them for it and then seamlessly applying the credit to their record for booking.

All within MassageBook!