Massage Therapy SOAP Notes

Goodbye paper. Free, simple and effective SOAP notes.

SOAP notes are not only a great way to keep track of your clients’ progress, they‘re required if you’re considering doing any insurance billing. MassageBook SOAP notes are easy to use and seamlessly tied to each client’s appointment records, making it easy find past notes and create new ones for a full historical view. They’re also ultra secure and HIPAA compliant so you’ll never have to worry about security issues.

Reminders to create SOAP notes

Your day is packed. You’re booked back to back and you just have enough time between clients to throw down a granola bar. How are you ever going to find the time to create proper notes? MassageBook keeps track of the clients you’ve worked on and provides a list of those who you have not yet created SOAP notes for. Just click on the client name, fill out the simple SOAP form, attach any documents you like and click “save”. It’s just that easy.

Mr. Meanie opens up

Need a quick reminder of your anatomy and physiology, or simply want to refresh your memory of how the human body is put together? Click on any part of the anatomical chart and deeper layers for that section of the body are displayed. Displayed next to your notes, it’s a wonderful tool you’ll find yourself using often.

Modify notes and track revisions

HIPAA rules dictate that medical records may not be modified without tracking the revision history. MassageBook makes it easy to modify or update notes while keeping a full historical record of any changes. While we’re on the subject of HIPAA, know that your medical records are securely saved according to strict guidelines. MassageBook has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep your sensitive data secure. They can not be lost, corrupted, or destroyed.

SOAP Notes that write themselves Premium

MassageBook’s Premium SOAP Notes will save you time and ensure that notes are consistently structured. Writing a Subjective or Objective note is as simple as clicking on a part of the anatomy and selecting choices from a short form. We then take your answers and convert them into a written sentence that is automatically entered into your SOAP form. Do you share your notes with health care providers or file claims with insurance companies? Meet your new best friend!

Visual Markers in SOAP Notes Premium

Premium SOAP Note’s visual markers make it easy to see and remember a patient’s condition during their next visit. All client SOAP Notes are easily accessible directly from the schedule or from a client’s individual record in the client management area. Another example of how MassageBook’s seamlessly integrated solution can simplify things dramatically and put the information you need at your fingertips.

Lilley Decker, LMT

Lilley Decker, LMT

Lilley Decker, LMT

Alex Messier

Alex Messier

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