Credit Card Payments

2.75% per swipe. No hidden fees.

2.75% per swiped transaction. No hidden fees. The easiest and cheapest payment processing solution for small business has been Square. Until now, that is. While MassageBook matches the uncomplicated setup and low cost of Square, MassageBook does one better. Accept HSA (Health Saving Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) cards. With seamless accounting integration in MassageBook that connects all the dots between scheduling, billing and client history, processing credit cards in MassageBook keeps your book keeping and client record keeping simple, clean and organized.

* Note: American Express and non-swiped transactions pay a flat 2.9% + .30 cents

Easy online setup

No complicated forms to fill out. Just a few questions to verify your identity followed by details for the bank you want your deposits sent to. That’s all it takes to start checking out clients and accepting payments for services and products you sell.

Online payment for services and Gift Certificates

In addition to accepting credit cards at checkout time, MassageBook payments makes it easy for your website visitors to purchase services and gift certificates online. Your clients can book their appointments and pay online before their visit, making checkout a breeze and insuring that you can enforce cancellation and no-show policies. If you’re not selling gift certificates and accepting payments online, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity. MassageBook lets you create, promote, and sell gift certificates online, adding extra income to your business without extra effort.

2.75% for swiped charges. No commitments, no surprises.

MassageBook keeps the mystery out of payments. You’ll always know what you’re paying. MassageBook offers multiple swiping solutions for laptop and desktop computers and smart phones too.
Non - swiped transactions and American Express cards? Just 2.9% + .30. Simple.

Get paid fast.

Your money is typically available within one to two business days. All transactions and the status of every payment can be clearly viewed in the Sales section of MassageBook. The big advantage of accepting payments within MassageBook is that all financial transactions are automatically tracked in your clients history. Ever have clients ask for a printout of their appointment and payment history? By seamlessly integrating payments with your practice management software, accounting and records keeping stay super simple and in control.

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