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Yoo-Hooo… Google – I’m here!

A powerful ally in achieving the goal of being discovered on the interwebs is Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It takes a lot of thought, time and work to land high local rankings in search engines, and MassageBook’s ongoing efforts to build your web presence help boost your rank in Google and other search sites like Yahoo and Bing.

Built to boost your online rank

MassageBook was created from the ground up to optimize the visibility your website enjoys in local internet searches by harnessing the powerful network effect of the MassageBook directory. Among other powerful techniques, MassageBook communicates directly with Google each day, telling it to look through the MassageBook directory of businesses and individuals. Then we provide it with powerful structured data that Google and other search sites can read easily. The result? Improved rank in local searches and more traffic to your MassageBook website.

What’s your score? The Visibility Index

While MassageBook does a majority of the work for you, there are still a few parts that you can do to help. A single click and the Visibility Index helps you identify opportunities to promote your business and website through other influential web sites and directories. With help each step of the way, you’ll soon get your score maximized and add even more fuel to boost your business result in Google and other local search results.

Display reviews in Google search results

Ever wonder why some results in Google show more information than others? They really stand out from the crowd. How do they DO that?! MassageBook takes care of this little bit of wizardry for you. We send your review information to Google in a way they can understand and voila!, your listing appears higher and stands out from the crowd with your business review score displayed prominently.

Beth Wade, LMT

Beth Wade, LMT

Twisted Roots Chicago

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Kristen Wondrack

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