Mt Lebo Massage

250 Mt. Lebanon Blvd. #418
Pittsburgh, PA   15234
Establishment License #PA# MSG009966
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The Perfect Gift (feels great, fits everyone, duplicates are not a problem)

Offer ends Dec 31, 2018

Give the gift of health and relaxation this holiday season. Buy a massage gift certificate for 60 minutes and receive $10 off; for 90 minutes and receive $15 off. Select a style, add a personalized message to the lucky recipient, and choose to email or print it. If you don't want to email it to the recipient just yet, enter your address instead. The gift code is valued at the original price of the service, and the recipient can apply it toward a different one if they prefer. This offer is available through the end of the year. * Only one gift certificate can be purchased at a time. Come back to this page if you want to buy another.

Select from the following gift certificates

60-minute massage

60-minute sessions often allow a full-body massage for relaxation plus focus on a few favorite areas or problem areas.
Save $10

90-minute massage

90- minute sessions allow plenty of time for everything -- relaxation, hot stones, work on chronic tension areas, plus that extra time on the hands, feet, scalp, etc.
Save $15