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Reflexology Massage and What It Can Do for You

Reflexology is often confused with a relaxing spa treatment. While relaxing, it is more of a massage technique that a qualified therapist can only perform. While it is known to decrease stress levels and improve your general mood, reflexology is a precise treatment.

There is a methodology beyond manipulating nerve endings, from stretching your feet to pushing back on fingers and toes. Reflexology can be used as a complementary therapy to help relieve pain, improve your chronic conditions, and boost your health.

Let’s explore this technique, the reflexology benefits it can offer you, and if it is the right fit for your body.

What Is Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology massage is a precise technique of applying varying pressure to different points around the body. These points (found on the feet, hands, and ears) are believed to be directly connected to the body’s functioning systems and organs.

This technique focuses on the repetition of pressure on nerve endings, which is believed to release the blockages along the circulatory system and can lead to better balance internally. Therapists refer to this as blocked energy along meridian points, which are 12 areas of the body that are believed to be vital to overall health.

What Are the Benefits of Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology is relaxing because it primarily improves blood circulation, which creates better flow and functioning of your body’s systems. 

People each have their own experience with reflexology. Still, many feel the benefits listed below as the reason for their improved quality of life: 

  • Balanced energy
  • Increased immune system 
  • Higher levels of healing 

Irregular bowel movements and other stomach issues can be remedied with reflexology because the increased circulation clears up blockages. 

And those frequent headaches that usually occur around the same time every day? It could be related to congested sinuses that can be relieved with reflexology. 

What Should I Expect During a Reflexology Session?

One can rest easy knowing what to expect with their first reflexology session. Your therapist will ask questions before you begin to understand your specific issues and plan an effective appointment. For example, they may ask about your bowel movements, stress, energy, and sleep quality.

You will be clothed for the duration but can be either lying down or seated. The therapist will work around specific points on your feet, hands, or ears with pressing and squeezing movements.

Generally, people can plan for a 30 to 60-minute session, but your therapist will inform you of the exact treatment plan. Much like any other type of massage, you should be open to giving your therapist constant feedback. With reflexology, it is helpful to note any sensations with specific points that can lead to an underlying condition.

After your session, you may feel lightheaded, but this is no cause for concern. Other mild symptoms are the heightened sensitivity of their emotional state and even sore feet. But these will pass quickly.

Is Reflexology Massage Right For Me?

This non-invasive technique is generally suited for most people. Still, there are exceptions to be aware of before booking an appointment. Those with these conditions below should always seek medical advice from a doctor before proceeding with reflexology.

  • Inflamed veins and blood clots on lower limbs
  • Gout 
  • Foot ulcers or fungal infections 
  • Open wound 
  • Thyroid issues 
  • Circulatory system issues 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Blood conditions such as low platelet counts 

Additionally, pregnant individuals should avoid reflexology unless approved by their doctor. This is because certain pressure points along the body can induce labor, and this can cause risk to both the mother and baby.

How Do I Find the Best Reflexology Near Me?

Not every massage therapist near you is trained to perform reflexology. It requires a deep understanding of meridians and pressure points connected to larger organs and can impact your overall health. Booking a therapist close to you just because they claim to be qualified in reflexology is not advised. You need to read reviews and view their credentials to ensure you’re making the best decision.

MassageBook’s directory of massage and bodywork professionals can help you find and book the best reflexology near you. So if reflexology sounds like a massage technique you are interested in trying, look through profiles of licensed therapists with the help of MassageBook today!

Find Reflexology Near Me