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How to Find The Best Geriatric Massage Near You

Massage for the elderly can have profound positive health benefits. As we age, many don’t get the exercise or activity needed to promote circulation of the blood and lymph systems necessary for physical and psychological health. As a result, older adults need gentle yet effective professional care to reduce their symptoms and provide them with pain relief in a manageable way.

One of the primary benefits of massage is that it can alleviate pain and promote relaxation throughout the body. Massage takes on many forms to achieve this result. Geriatric massage is a technique designed specifically to address the needs and health issues of the elderly.

This article dives deeper into geriatric massage, how geriatric massage can benefit you, and how to find and book the best geriatric massage near you.

What Is Geriatric Massage?

Geriatric massage is suitable for older individuals experiencing pain and looking for alternative ways to provide them with much-needed relief. Massage therapists trained in this type of massage technique will consider the client’s age, any medication they may be on, their current health condition, and their expectations for the session.

Geriatric massage takes into account the needs of the individual undergoing the massage, and the therapist trained in geriatric massage takes time before starting the first session to discuss any concerns or areas of the body that need particular care.

From this information, a massage therapist can accurately assess your body, your needs, and how to treat specific issues. Geriatric massage is not a one-size-fits-all experience applied to every client; it’s precisely tailored for you and your particular needs!

Geriatric massage sessions always take place in a quiet, private environment. You are left to undress privately or, if you choose, accompanied by a family member, friend, or caregiver. The therapist returns only when you are lying on the massage table and fully covered with a sheet. Only the areas being worked on are uncovered during the session.

Lotions and oils are used during geriatric massage to minimize friction between your skin and the hands of the therapist. As well as increasing the effectiveness of their techniques, this also protects your skin and aids in improving its look and feel.

During the session, the therapist will continue to ensure that their touch is not too heavy but is still being felt adequately in the areas they’re working on. You can stop the therapist at any time to ask for adjustments if you are uncomfortable or experiencing any pain. However, both of these are highly unlikely; more likely is the chance of your becoming extremely relaxed and overcome with a sense of well-being!

What Are the Benefits of Geriatric Massage?

You shouldn’t have to put off massage therapy in your old age because you feel it is a luxury. On the contrary, massage can be essential to improving your health, both physically and mentally.

Foremost, geriatric massage supports pain relief. Precise techniques will aid in releasing the tension, ensuring that the source of your pain is located. Additionally, massage is favorable in boosting blood circulation. We generally tend to move around less with age, and as a result, our circulation deteriorates. This leads to stiff muscles, sore joints, and daily pain that can all easily be resolved by your therapist.

One of the significant benefits that massage, in general, has to offer is that it helps reduce stress levels. Even older individuals suffer from stress, which can result in a tense body, further exacerbating any physical conditions they may already have. So you can look forward to a relaxing appointment, knowing that you will feel more at ease when walking out.

Aging brings a whole new set of annoying problems, one being poor sleep. Massage therapy addresses this because serotonin is released during your session, leading to higher melatonin levels. This specific hormone wanes over time, but massage increases it, ensuring you get a good night’s rest more often.

Regular physical contact with a professional is an unintentional benefit that geriatric massage can provide. As you grow older, your social circle may dwindle, and you may lack connection. Massage can help you feel less alone and makes therapy feel more meaningful.

Is Geriatric Massage Right for Me?

Making your first geriatric massage appointment can feel overwhelming, and you may question whether it is right for you. However, feeling unsure about how it can impact your health is a normal thing to come up before booking a session.

Professionally qualified massage therapists are trained to give you peace of mind with their expertise. Plus, there’s always an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns regarding geriatric massage with your therapist.

With benefits like improved mood due to decreased stress levels, pain relief, and better sleep, you should consider massage’s value in your daily life.

These are some things to think about before making a decision:

  • Your current health: Massage therapists will always assess your current health to understand any conditions you may have and what your pain threshold is. This lets you see what pressure levels work best with your body. 
  • Your medication regimen: Massage can influence how your medication interacts with your body. Informing your therapist of this can ensure you receive treatment that has no adverse results. 
  • Your skin: Skin gets weaker over time, and firm pressure can do more damage than good. Your massage therapist needs to know about all your skin conditions, which certain maneuvers can aggravate. 

Before, during, and after every session, remember to provide your therapist with useful feedback. This can ensure that they continuously better their treatment plan for the best outcome.

Where Can I Book the Best Geriatric Massage Near Me?

Living with the everyday aches and pains resulting from aging can be challenging. Fortunately, geriatric massage can help you live a happier, healthier life.

Plus, MassageBook’s professional search directory removes the hassle of finding a qualified massage therapist near you. You can easily search for licensed and trained professionals in your area, read reviews from verified clients, and book an appointment in just a few simple steps!

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