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Inner Light Shines
1711 S. Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210
59 reviews

Intuitive Bodywork

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1 Hour Intuitive Bodywork


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About Inner Light Shines
Inner Light Shines believes your life is meant to be experienced with joy and harmony.  The external world you physically see has a direct correlation to what is going on "within" you.   

Inner Light Shines helps you along in your life journey by helping discover or re-discover your inner light by:   
  • Intuitive Bodywork - Combines years of experience as a massage therapist with his experience as an intuitive.  

  • Psychic/Medium - Helps you connect with a loved one who has transitioned to the other side.  Offer deeper understanding to situations, experiences and desires by connecting with spirit.  

  • Medical Intuitive - Ability to go into your system and observe a healing on specific parts of the physical body and/or the human energy field and chakras.  Limiting beliefs are cleared at the subcon...
Inner Light Shines
1711 S. Pearl St , Denver, CO   80210
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By Appointment Only
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See What Our Past Clients Have to Say
59 reviews
by Melissa on Mar 2021
Verified Review
Service Received: Medical Intuitive DNA Healing with Shane S.
This is absolutely the next step of faith I needed to take to flourish and move forward! Shane has the juice!!!
by Anonymous on Mar 2021
Verified Review
Service Received: Bodywork with Shane S.
I very enjoyed my experience! Massage was best I have ever had! and Shane was amazing
by Anonymous on Mar 2021
Verified Review
Service Received: 1 Hour Intuitive Bodywork with Shane S.
Shane is a consummate professional. Terrific deep tissue work and also providing value insight with his intuitive knowledge and tools. He’s a South Pearl St GEM.
by Amy on Feb 2021
Verified Review
Service Received: 1 1/2 Hour Intuitive Bodywork with Shane S.
You can’t go wrong with Shane! He’s an incredible being with mass skills.
by Brenda on Feb 2021
Verified Review
Service Received: First Time Medical Intuition/DNA Healing Session with Shane S.
This was an amazing experience. Shane’s connection to his guides and mine brought forward things that I hadn’t thought about and made other things make so much more sense. He is very skilled in what he does and it’s very clear that once he connects with you he gets what you need to hear.
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