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Sauna with Reiki and Reiki Healing Attunement

Offer ends Dec 23, 2019
Add a Far Infrared Sauna to your Reiki Healing Attunement and Reiki session, relax deeply by adding your sauna either before or after you Reiki . The Reiki Healing Attunement is an energetic treatment, or vibrational therapy in the Tibetan Reiki tradition. It is a very focused Reiki treatment that provides an extra boost to any healing intent for yourself or another, or for empowering your goals and projects for the next season. Your Reiki Masters will be Helen and Melissa, both Reiki Master Teachers in the Usui Tibetan tradition. This event is by appointment only. The cyclical arrangement of the equinox and solstice timing are part of yet a larger cycle beginning in Autumn with the conception of your intent or goal. The Winter allows the energy to gestate and take form. The Spring is the birth or emergence , and the Summer is the full expression, or harvest. This winter it will be Saturday December 21st through Monday December 23rd according to availability. This event coincides with the major seasonal shifts of our planet, the Spring and Autumn equinoxes and Winter and Sum- mer Solstices. Each seasonal shift represents a change in energies and has traditional associations with it, including an Angelic overseer of that season. We can make our intentions more powerful and far reaching by piggybacking on to the boost of energy that occurs at the traditional seasonal shifts. Ancient cultures knew this and respected and revered these special times of the year.
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Remote ( Distance)Reiki session with Healing Attunement


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Essential Healing and Massage Update-I am transitioning to Remote Reiki appointments only until further notice, and will be adding more products to our website.

Oct 22 2020

Essential Healing and Massage has permanently closed its office space due to the mandated business shutdown in IL in 2020. We simply could not stay open with no income. I am transitioning to Remote Reiki  appointments that may be booked online. Reiki is proven to de-stress the body,calm the mind and improve immune response. Stress and fear are the biggest dampeners for the immune system, take care of yourself and take time to breathe and meditate, do Yoga or Tai Chi.
Essential Healing and Massage is transitioning to Essential Products, which will sell quality products that have been vetted, or hand made products ma...
Essential Healing and Massage
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199 reviews
by Ashely on May 2020
Verified Review
Service Received: Bodywork with Cindy H.
Very nice and helpful staff. I left feeling much better!
by Anonymous on Mar 2020
Verified Review
Service Received: Bodywork with Jody K.
Great hours, easy to make appointment, very quiet.
by Rachel on Mar 2020
Verified Review
Service Received: Bodywork with Jody K.
My massage was amazing. I felt so relaxed, which is what I really needed. Will definitely be back.
by Anonymous on Feb 2020
Verified Review
Service Received: Bodywork with Helen F.
Helen is excellent!!!
by Carolyn on Feb 2020
Verified Review
Service Received: Bodywork with Helen F.
Provides a truly calm, relaxing environment.
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