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The secret something that is shared by all effective healing methods is the process of leading the patient to an honest and truthful self-discovery. Dr. John Upledger

A thorough intake and assessment will dictate how the treatment will go and what techniques will be used. I believe that in a session, when the client is an active participant, healing can be exponential. So when appropriate, Muscle Energy Technique, simple guided imagery, guided meditation or breathing techniques may be integrated. I might also suggest simple yoga or qigong exercises that pertain to a particular condition for the client to practice at home.

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REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Jodie on Aug 04
I recommend booking Tod to see for yourself how good this guy is. He has a unique style which goes deep, with zero pain. I could barely turn my head to the right, but after Tod worked on my neck, I had full mobility again. Booking online was very easy. I had 90 minutes of bliss for $120 + 20% tip. Well worth it. He's also lovely.
by Amy on Jul 18
What a discovery! Very skillfully met me for first time with care. I loved his range of techniques in approaching the pain. Tod was gentle and clear in his language. The environment is soothing. I will definitely return.
by Anonymous on Jul 16
Very restorative and healing massage. I could immediately feel the difference in my body afterwards. Tod is very professional and attentive and made sure the experience was tailored to my needs.
by Robert on Jun 29
Tod has a kind and compassionate approach and displays a deep knowledge of the body. His technique is grounded in his experience but tailored to the specific issues that I presented to him in the initial interview.
by Dominic on Jun 22
Tod is top notch. Period.
by Jon on Jun 21
The session felt very personalized as Tod was very attentive to my body as he worked.
by Ms on Jun 04
Tod is highly skilled at what he does. As a body worker myself he’s my go to therapist when I need help myself. Don’t know what I’d do without him!
by jhanna on Jun 01
Presence; skill; safety; nourishment
by Bill on May 09
Tod is the best all around masseuse I have ever been to.
by Anonymous on May 07
I really appreciated his healing touch and feeli g completely relaxed at the end of the session

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