Tod Overstreet CMT

The secret something that is shared by all effective healing methods is the process of leading the patient to an honest and truthful self-discovery. Dr. John Upledger

A thorough intake and assessment will dictate how the treatment will go and what techniques will be used. I believe that in a session, when the client is an active participant, healing can be exponential. So when appropriate, Muscle Energy Technique, simple guided imagery, guided meditation or breathing techniques may be integrated. I might also suggest simple yoga or qigong exercises that pertain to a particular condition for the client to practice at home.

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REVIEWS for my Bodywork, Coaching, or Meditation services

by Anonymous on Mar 12
Tod was excellent. He's an incredibly intuitive and experienced body worker, and I'm certain he could help any one!
by Nicole on Nov 17
Tod is a magical healer, I can't recommend him enough.
by Anonymous on Mar 10
I always leave session with Tod feeling relaxed and refreshed. I'm amazed at how well he's able to loosen the tension in my body and work out muscle soreness.
by Eddie on Aug 03
Tod has a caring presence that manifests beautifully from his body to yours
by Anonymous on Feb 21
I woke up feeling so much better. No cranky body aches first thing in the morning.
by Alexandra on Feb 08
Wonderful! Tod is lovely. I’ll be back.
by Devin on Feb 07
Tod provides the most amazing massage. Impeccable attention to my needs, with a relaxing environment.
by Anonymous on Jan 31
Gifted practitioner.
by Angela on Jan 27
Tod is highly knowledgeable, intuitive, and professional. He uses a variety of modalities to help his clients feel relief from pain as well as relaxation. Highly recommend.
by Nicole on Oct 25
I LOVE TOD. I've seen him and off for almost 10 years, starting when he worked at East West Integrative Medicine in Glen Park, and he just gets better and better. Now I go to his studio on Valencia. Sometimes I didn't go for a few years because its expensive. But he is the most gifted massaged therapist I've worked with. He understand anatomy well and how to heal injuries, as well as emotional/spiritual elements to pain and injury. A few weeks ago I could barely walk for about 4 days after a strain to my psoas, which was causing my back to go out of line from walking out of balance. After 90 minutes on his table, I felt a huge release of energy in the back and hips. The next day I could walk normally, and the day after that the injury was almost gone. It was like magic. His prices are reasonable and I can't recommend him enough.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

  • Multi-Dimensional Bodywork


  • Ball and Foam-roller coaching


  • Remote Healing bodywork

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