Massage Techniques

Trager Massage

Trager massage is a two-part approach that consists of hands-on work and gentle exercises. The hands-on work is the first part of the session and usually takes place on a well-padded table. The client wears minimal clothing for the treatment; a swimsuit or underwear is most common.

The practitioner moves fluidly and rhythmically to encourage the sensation of freedom of movement in the client. The therapist works in an almost meditative state, allowing them to feel and respond to the slightest change in the reactions of the client.

After the hands-on stage, the exercise element follows. The movements, referred to as Mentastics, are designed to re-create the sensory experience of the hands-on section of the therapy. The movements used are gentle and simple, and should never feel forced or awkward. A session typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

The idea behind the therapy is to aid in releasing mental and physical patterns that are interfering with mobility and general well being.

Positive results of the therapy often include increased mobility, higher energy levels, improved posture and an enhanced ability to relax and deal with the daily stresses of life.