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Rolfing focuses on improving the alignment and movement of the human body by manipulating and loosening the connective tissues that can restrict movement.

Rolfing Structural Integration

A typical Rolfing treatment series will include 10 sessions, each progressively more focused on bringing the body into proper alignment. The multi session series is often referred to as “the recipe.”

During a treatment session, the certified Rolfing practitioner will work towards a progressive re-balancing of your body to alleviate discomfort, reduce the use of compensating movements, and resolve pain.

In addition to the physical manipulation of the fascia, the Rolfer will also use active and passive movements to help retrain the body on proper motion.

How aggressive the treatment is depends on the person undergoing treatment. Typically, adults undergoing treatment may feel an intense sensation at certain times during a session. They might also feel a bit sore afterwards. Rolfers can modify their technique to make this bodywork gentle enough for the elderly and children.

The results of Rolfing will depend on each individual undergoing treatment. However, athletes, dancers, children, and business professionals have all reported better flexibility and motion after undergoing a 10-session series of treatments.

To be Rolfer, a practitioner must be educated and certified by the the
Rolf Institute of Structural Integration