Massage Techniques

Feldenkrais Massage

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

Feldenkrais focuses on improving a client’s awareness of their body and movements. It is an educational, rather than hands-on holistic therapy that is used by a significant number of people whose movements are essential to their jobs or pastimes. This includes actors and dancers, but these are not the only groups that can benefit from the techniques that are taught.

The method is based on the idea that individuals use ineffective habitual movements that cause strain on the body and lead to physical pain and a disconnection between the mind and the body. Practitioners seek to aid individuals in restoring the mind-body connection, improving movement range and reducing pain and the risk of injury by making them more aware of their movements and the effects each motion has on the mind and body. Other areas of improvement that are often noticed by those undertaking the Feldenkrais massage therapy include greater flexibility and better posture and balance.

The basis of the technique is to slowly and gently create new movement habits by learning and consciously repeating proper movement patterns. There is no manipulation of the body involved and the individual acquires the tools needed for self-observation through the repeated movements over a period of time. The client is not required to remove any clothing for the technique to be successful, although they should be dressed comfortably.