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I went to school at the American Institute Of Clinical Massage in Post Falls, ID. I attended there for 13 months and received 900 credit hours. I have been doing massage therapy in Canton for 11yrs, I do lots of continuing education class so I have a lot to offer. Helping people makes my day, I love my job!  

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American Institute of Clinical Massage

Therapeutic Massage & Body Work


Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).


Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work effects a physical change to the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.


Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure – structured, unstructured, stationary, or moving – tension, motion, or vibration, done manually or with mechanical aids. Massage can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a massage device. Depending on the application and technique used, massage is used to promote relaxation and well-being, and is beneficial in treating sports injuries and other problems affecting the musculature of the body such as postural misalignment and many painful conditions.


Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling). In addition, massage for pregnant women reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages blood and lymph circulation, helps to relax nervous tension -- which aids in better sleep -- and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes.

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy Combines the science of aromatherapy with the techniques of vita flex, reflexology, massage ect, in the application of essential oils, which are applied on various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment.

LaStone Therapy

LaStone Therapy is massage that uses both hot and chilled stones to massage the body. While cold stones may not sound appealing, they feel refreshing on your warmed skin and have a beneficial effect on the body. Called contrast therapy, alternating hot with cold stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, helps detoxify the body. It also relieves pain and has an invigorating effect.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork or Reflexology services

by tina on Mar 06
Amazing massage. Very detailed and easy to talk to about issue's. Highly recommend renew you
by Vernel on Feb 23
The atmosphere was very pleasant. Rachelle did a wonderful job with my first reflexology massage. I took her recommendation and purchased an essential oil for inflammation. I have applied it twice and think it is helping. Thank you Rachelle.
by Kim on Feb 14
Always a great, relaxing experience. Love the new mat on the bed!
by Anonymous on Jan 12
My massage was amazing!! It was very relaxing!! I love that I can stay in town & get great service!!
by Sheryl on Jan 09
Always, always feel so much better afterwards!!!
by Deb on Nov 04
This was my first time getting a massage so I wasn't sure what to expect, but Rochelle is AMAZING! Can't wait for my next one!
by Stefanie on Sep 16
Rachelle worked on my sciatica and it was amazing!
by Anonymous on Aug 29
Rachelle is awesome at her profession!
by Katie on Aug 12
Love Rachelle, she does an amazing job!! I always feel so relaxed when I leave!
by Anonymous on Aug 02
Very relaxing and enjoyable.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Raindrop Therapy
  • LaStone Therapy
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Swedish And Deep Tissue
  • cold stone migraine therapy


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