Jovy Candelaria

Hello! I'm Jovy and am committed to the idea that massage should be a regular part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself and that massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body. And I also believe in tailoring a massage towards the individual needs of each client by using multiple techniques to get the best results possible.

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REVIEWS for my massage services

by Ladik on Dec 06
Very nice ATE! She understand what she does, she really tried to help me/people. I enjoyed the massage and appreciate her hard work!
by Anonymous on Nov 16
by Marilyn on Sep 13
loved the head and face massage. Wasn't crazy for the pounding on my shoulders. Very personable lady, will do well.
by Dennis on Jul 10
Don't be nervous! You did a great job! First time in a while that i could walk without being in pain. Massage was relaxing and force where was needed. You were pleasant and had a good attitude. You listened to where I had pain and concentrated on it. Maybe change music to ocean waves/instrumental. Would relax more. A relaxing scented candle would work well also. But all said... GREAT Massage! You will do well!
by Becky on Apr 30
Jovy was great! Very professional and my massage was fantastic! So relaxing. She was courteous and asked about pressure to ensure that my massage was just right. I have already recommended ABM to a friend. Very positive experience!
by Bruce on Nov 22
This was my first massage from a student and yet one of the best I have had anywhere. I will be going back and specifically requesting her.
by Jen on Nov 11
She knows where my pressure points are. Good job
by Roman on Nov 11
It was very relaxing
by Brian on Oct 21
Jovy is excellent,its all in the details,strong and thorough,very pleasant seems to have good knowledge of muscle and joint structure.
by Josh on Sep 14
She did an amazing job and took care of all my pains. It was a great and relaxing expierience. Would defenietly book with her again.