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Second year student of Abm massage therapy

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by Jaime on Aug 05
You don't need to go for the kill EVERY STOKE! You can easy in and then work out what needs to be worked out! One of the BEST massages I have ever had! Honestly. Your techniques are your own and you defiantly have your own personal style. It take years to master that, but you have it!
by Kim on Jun 17
Great experience. No complaints
by Anonymous on May 06
Gitika is soo good and knows what she is doing . Very much satisfied . Will come soon
by Ed on Sep 09
Gitika did an amazing job. I had asked for a "Deep Tissue/Sports massage and I got what I was looking for this time. She is very intuitive to the Deep tissue massage works as she physically broke down my adhesions (especially in my legs) to help me restore normal movement. Gitika used direct deep pressure that caused me some initial discomfort but in the end, I have noticed improved range of motion (immediately and especially today) after my experience with her deep tissue massage. I will be coming back for sure!!!
by Jeffrey on Aug 22
She did an excellent job.
by Talab on Aug 06
She knows her job. I'm happy with her job.
by Connie on Jul 22
Gitika, you were so good in giving me an excellent massage. Thank you so much. I will be back and hope to have you again, thank you! Connie
by Rose on Jun 19
I like way She du Massage.
by navin on May 27
Need more time for the Head area - massage I have advertised for friends to come I