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abm college

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REVIEWS for my massage services

by Tony on Dec 31
I really like and relaxing massage
by Linda on Jun 29
Loved the stretching. Could use a little more coverage when doing some of the stretches
by Nizar on May 24
I have no more words to express how happy I am that I don't have words to express how happy I am
by Roman on May 10
Being a student you did very good and still learning and will continue to learn and gain experience to become a proficient massage therapist. I prefer a medium massage and that's what I got, very relaxing.
by Anonymous on Nov 15
I had booked a 90 minute massage. She stopped with 10 minutes left, asked me to get dressed and then she was going to give me some stretches. As a physio myself- the exercises weren't appropriate- they certainly weren't stretches- just some ROM that I don't need. Also- if the therapist wishes to give some stretches, that is great, but it should be at the end of my 90 minute massage. I realize that this is a student situation but I certainly would be very upset in a real clinic if I missed out on 10 minutes of massage!
by Amie on Nov 06
Finger nails were too long. I got scratched. Also, consitency and fluidity need to be worked on. MKe sure both sides are getting equal treatment.
by Anonymous on Oct 23
With due consideration the masseuse though quite capable and physically strong,her movements were more choppy and seemed rushed. She was very pleasant and I'm sure in time will iron out those little quirks.
by Shy on Sep 25
My hubby is also very happy
by Jack on Jul 05
I walked in having difficulty standing up straight. Walked out normally. Looking forward to my next visit