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Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction (Margaret Thatcher)

Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Isaac Torres, and I am the owner at I.T. Massage Therapy Services, and I am deaf. My interests have always been medical. My desire to help people have healthier lives spans decades back to when I was a young college boy. I have a deep  interest in helping individuals be a better version of themselves physically and mentally. This all began when I was still a teenager in a small community college where I started a job in Adaptive Physical Education, w...

Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Isaac Torres, and I am the owner at I.T. Massage Therapy Services, and I am deaf. My interests have always been medical. My desire to help people have healthier lives spans decades back to when I was a young college boy. I have a deep  interest in helping individuals be a better version of themselves physically and mentally. This all began when I was still a teenager in a small community college where I started a job in Adaptive Physical Education, where I was, in essence, a Physical Therapy Tech under the supervision of an instructor. 
The patients, individuals from different age groups,  were mostly in their 60s-80s. And there were patients with different conditions that ranged from Multiple Sclerosis to stroke to brain damage from car accidents. I developed a sincere connection with my patients. It is always what I remember the most of my time at that particular community college in the small town of Porterville, CA. From there, my interests evolved to Personal Training/Nutritional Consulting and now Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy. I believe in what I do as it has a medical purpose. Massage affects the body and mind. It has the capacity to affect every other system in the body by way of our muscles. The benefits of massage are many, and they are invaluable. 

However, the main thing that I want to affect with the practice of massage is stress and by way of reducing stress, affect the production of cortisol and adrenaline within the body as the reduction of these two hormones will improve sleep and the overall well-being of individuals who receive a massage. As the Mayo Clinic (2020) states:

The body's stress-response system is usually self-limiting. Once a perceived threat has passed,      hormone levels return to normal. As adrenaline and cortisol levels drop, your heart rate and blood pressure return to baseline levels, and other systems resume their regular activities.
But when stressors are always present and you constantly feel under attack, that fight-or-flight reaction stays turned on.
The long-term activation of the stress-response system and the overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follows can disrupt almost all your body's processes. This puts you at increased risk of many health problems, including:
     -Digestive problems
     -Heart disease
     -Sleep problems
     -Weight gain
     -Memory and concentration impairment (sec. 2).
So, it is with great motivation and excitement that I am now able to offer my Massage Therapy services out of About Face Design Team salon. And not only that, I am also offering facials, which I also use with the same intent as Massage Therapy: to reduce stress but also to improve gently the overall well-being of skin. I hope to be able to see you, the reader of this informatic, soon at About Face Design Team salon, where we at I.T Massage Therapy Services, in conjunction with About Face Design Team salon, maintain the highest level of professionalism, cleanliness, and sterilization/disinfection of all surfaces in order to keep you safe. To book one of my many services or find out more about me and my education and my availability dates, please click on the link below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @itmasstherapy

References for this informatic:
     Mayo Clinic. (June 22,2020). Stress Management. Retrieved from:

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REVIEWS for my Skincare or Bodywork services

by Kathleen on Aug 24
Isaac was gracious and highly accommodating. He constantly checked in with me to assure my comfort. His deep tissue techniques were thorough and attentive, going deeper on large tight areas while easing up on sore spots. I especially appreciated the stretches on my tight shoulders, neck & chest. My appointment was on a Sunday morning and the location was quiet (hair and makeup studio). If you are looking for a warm & skilled therapist you've found him!
by Anonymous on Jun 25
I usually don't get facials . But I have been coming to Isaac for facials for years . I feel comfortable with him, and I am not getting a generic facial with a bunch of unnecessary products are pushed on me . I get the facial to relax and to help my skin . I'm a guy but facials are a great way to rid the body of stress. This time he did the arm and leg massage for me as add ons and used his massage gun which felt great . loved the aromatheraphy as well .The salon is in a great location and it is extremely clean. Finding it was easy . Certainly will return
by Max on Jun 20
Isaac is very welcoming, professional, friendly, and prompt. The facilities are extremely clean, the massage table is large, very stable, and heated. I had the sports massage, and it was invigorating and felt great. Isaac's techniques are very good, he is very strong, and thorough. I would highly recommend Isaac to give you an excellent massage too. I will be back!! Thank you Isaac!!!
by Scott on Jun 18
From the moment Issac greet you at the door, you start to relax. His massage studio is uber clean and the heated table, unique therapy tools are a special touch. I think, I may have fallen asleep once or twice I was so relaxed. Also, his pressure regarding deep tissue are phenomenal, you will never leave feeling disappointed from this five-star Massage Therapist. Looking forward to my next massage already! Scott
by Sam on Jun 15
Isaac went above and beyond my expectations with the massage and facial. He was very professional and asked about any areas of joint pain I may be having at the time. I would highly recommend Isaac to anyone.
by Anonymous on Jun 11
Professional, calming and helped with my neck pain. Isaac helped me with what I’m calling ‘laptop neck’ having been working at home the last 3 months. Truly a relief. His studio is clean and his approach nothing but professional. He could be working at some expensive spa, but instead he’s just really reasonable. I was impressed with the cleanliness and sanitation of the studio, which given things today is a big concern. I plan to make another appointment soon and become a regular.
by Richard on Jun 10
Great place to get a massage in. The Salon is impecable clean and sanitized. Isaac’s massage was great. I loved the tools and how warm the massage table was. Isaac’s skills are honed and were an excellent relief for my stiff muscles. I most certainly will be returning.
by JEFFREY on Jun 10
I just had an amazing hydrating facial by Isaac and my skin looks and feels great! I have an issue with combination skin, dry in areas and oily in others, and Isaac formulated a cleansing process and mask specific for both. Also, the facial massage, arm massage, and hot towels felt awesome. Overall, the experience was incredibly relaxing and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to pamper their skin.
by Anonymous on May 26
Isaac is an excellent Massage Therapist. I booked him for a Deep Tissue Massage, Facial Massage, and Foot Scrub. All three services were superb. The Facial Massage put me to sleep. It's invigorating and his tools feel great on your facial muscles. Isaac's deep tissue massage is eclectic and well supported by great tools that assist him in such intense work. Massaging big muscles isn't easy, and he does an excellent job. I thought his foot scrub would be messy, but it was neat and clean. No mess. And the hot towels felt great on my feet. He also did an excellent work on my feet. His massage gun was awesome on my heels, and I had a long week of walking and this was exactly what my feet needed. I highly recommend Isaac, and I most certainly will return.
by Gina on May 23
I highly recommend Isaac and will be booking him again! He is very professional and made me feel at ease from the moment I met him. His room was very clean and comfortable with a nice relaxing atmosphere including soft lighting and music of my choice. His communication skills are excellent and he asked all the right questions so he could address and focus on my specific issues. I was recently diagnosed with planters fasciitis in both feet which is so painful. Isaac knew exactly how to massage the areas on the heels and arches to help stretch the tendons which gave me some relief. He also was able to work on my neck and shoulders which was causing headaches. I felt completely relaxed and was ready for a nap when he finished. I also added a foot scrub into the service and it was well worth it. My feet feel amazing! I can't wait to try his facial service next.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform


  • Hydrating Facial
  • Normal Skin Facial
  • Backcial
  • Oily Skin Facial
  • Cryofacial with Roller

Bodywork & Massage

  • Swedish Massage
  • Mobile Outcall Facial/Cranial Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Mobile Outcall 90 Mins. Sports Massage
  • Mobile Outcall 90 Mins. Deep Tissue Massage
  • Corporate/Office/Special Events Chair Massage
  • Mobile Outcall 90 Mins Swedish Massage
  • Mobile Sports Massage
  • Mobile Outcall Add On Sugar Foot Scrub
  • Deep Tissue
  • Mobile Deep Tissue
  • Mobile Swedish Massage
  • Mobile Corporate/Office/Special Events Chair Massage

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