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Infrared Sauna

Healing the body from the inside out.

When it comes to improving your health, reversing illness, and just making you feel great, few things compare to an infrared sauna. Infrared saunas are clinically shown to help fight cancer, reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, reverse heart disease, weight loss, and give you a host of other health benefits.

1. The safest form of Detoxification
2. Cell Regeneration
3. Improving oxygenation
4. Relieving internal congestion
5. Relaxes muscles
6. Alkalizing the body
7. Increasing circulation
8. Resolvin...

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Infrared Sauna and Lyme’s Disease Detoxification is just as equally important in healing from Lyme Disease as an effective treatment protocol is. Those treating their Lyme Disease know that toxins released from dead spirochetes flood their bodies once they [the spirochetes] are killed. Infrared Saunas pick up the slack by helping to bring the over all toxin load down. People who find an effective treatment protocol will find their bodies becoming overwhelmed with large amounts of toxins. But lack a safe means of removing these toxins from the body. A person may find that a detoxification protocol that worked during the first few months of treatment is not as effective in the later months of treatment. The reason this happens is because the rate of detoxification is much slower than the rate at which toxins are being released by Borrelia. Continuing a treatment and with such a detox protocol rate will ultimately lead to slow, but consistent toxin build up in the body. As a result, you may find herxes take longer to recover from. Certain detox methods just aren’t as effective as they used to be.


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Jan 2017
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Infrared Sauna
After 30 minutes in the sauna my skin barely became clammy. I was hoping for a good old fashioned sauna "sweat." That never happened. I didn't know what to expect but it was not an experience I will repeat.