Sarah Dick

If an Electron Can Be in Two Places at Once, Why Can't You ...

In the quantum world discovered by Niels Bohr, Erwin Schroedinger and other giants of early 20th-century physics, tiny objects such aselectrons can be in two places at once, and can behave as a particle one moment and as a wave the next, depending on how an observer tries to measure it.Oct 9, 2012

  Let's create our universe. Let's create our health.

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OH # 33.013812 C-D

Massage Licensure

# 33.013812 C-D


National Institure of Massage

Massotherapy Licensure


18+ years & 10K bodies

I have been licensed in this field for 18+ years: graduation in Georgia in 1997, and being required by the State of Ohio to attend their school in 2003 when I moved here. I believe that I have done over 10,000 sessions on various bodies. My great passion is for the light-touch modalities such as Spiritual Healing, hands-on healing, Cranio-Sacral, and Reiki. I have also been blessed to be very good at the deeper massage modalities, such as TriggerPoint, MyoFascial, and Deep Tissue. Also, BreathWork and Visualization are part of my creative process. So I try to integrate various techniques for what a client needs at that moment.

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