Suzan Lupejkis

Breathe,Feel... Release,Heal

I am a professional Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer. My education, healing gifts and years of 'hands on" experience allow me to bring many professional skills to the table.  All my services compliment natural healing and support tradtional healthcare. Let my wisdom and knowledge create the session that is perfect for you.  

If you are ready to relax and unwind…Make your appointment today and take the first step on your own personal healing journey.

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CA # 51984


# 019625


New York Institute of Massage

Massage Therapy


Continuing education

I have training in John Barnes' Myofascial Relase Therapy, I, II, III, unwinding and advanced unwinding, I have training in oncology massage. I am a Reiki Master and studied advanced energywork. I am certified in swedish massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, therapeutic massage, shiatsu, trigger point therapy and medical massage.


Stress Management

I teach Reiki and meditation and have been teaching for 6 years.

REVIEWS for my Coaching or Bodywork services

by Maura on May 30
Suzan is such an amazing gift and I’m so grateful for her and all that she does.
by Todd on Mar 21
Suzan is, by far, the best Reiki/Massage therapist I have ever visited. She is highly recommended.
by Renee on Feb 15
I came in feeling physically depleted with fatigue and a heaviness in my body, having been ill for over a week. Suzan skillfully moved the stagnant energy where knots had formed and released the feeling of malaise through out my whole body. I left feeling immense relief and joyful!
by Wendy on Jan 26
I loved how you explained everything so clearly which really helped me tune into my body more as you worked on me! I appreciated that you noticed my breathing went up into my chest when I just briefly mentioned the domestic violence I went through! I did not notice this at all until you pointed it out! I am noticing my breath now, throughout the day, and bringing it back down into my belly! When I laid down to sleep last night my cat, Maya, came and sat up high on my chest (she usually sits/sleeps on my belly) as if she knew to remind me and help me bring my breath down into my belly! I've been full of energy today and walking almost completely normal on my left knee! I will definitely be in touch to schedule again with you next month! You truly are a body whisperer! My body and I thank you immensely!!! :)
by Susan on Jan 11
Suzan is a gifted Reiki master. I love how she verbally shares her knowledge as she provides her Reiki session.
by Flora on Jan 04
Loved, Suzan!! She was friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable and supported. I look forward to working with her again!
by Tom on Nov 17
The environment was very calming. Gave me a chance to wind down.
by Anonymous on Nov 11
This beautiful lady has healing hands. After her sessions I am able to happily walk instead of hobble. I’m very grateful for her caring and her help!
by Monika on Oct 04
It was all great! I look forward to my next appointment.
by Moonny on Sep 27
Suzan is awesome! I really like how she utilizes intuitive healing to help me heal my body and works with me through the pain.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform


  • Reiki
  • Other

Bodywork & Massage

  • Reiki
  • Other
  • Myofascial Release
  • Therapeutic Massage

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