Vicky Tolaro

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Holistic Bodywork

Retired Navy Senior Chief, aircrew. Passionate about helping people get back to a Healthy, meaningful life, using Holistic principles.

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Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy

Massage Therapy


Certified Reflexologist

Certified Reflexologist

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Alison on Jan 23
I told u I hope u find another Pam... since you can't seem to get it together
by Al on Sep 14
I am a massage therapist myself and work with chronic pain people. Vicky's professionalism and knowledge of the Bod, Mind and Spirit connectivity was top-notch, so I gave her 5 Stars.I am definitely using Vicky every time I need a massage to keep myself healthy so I can continue to massage my clients. Anybody out there looking for someone who understands the body mind Spirit connection and prefer females she's your girl.
by Kisha on Sep 11
Welcome to VA and it was my pleasure to meet you.