Ted Aston

  • OH License #: 021948

"When the Primary Complaint is Pain, the Treatment of Pain Should be Primary" Barret Dorko PT

"First do no harm", anyone familiar with medicine has heard this phrase. Ted has strived to look at this in a new light, "do what is best for the patient." He has taken great pains to find just what that is, from getting a better understanding of pain, to getting to the heart of what actually happens during a massage session. This has led to a therapeutic massage that doesn't have the patient in more pain or discomfort at the end of it. 

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OH # 021948


Dayton School of Medical Massage

Medical Massage


Sports Massage- Head Therapist Dayton Hockey

Head Therapist for the Dayton Demolition Hockey Team for the 2015/2016 season. I worked with the team on every home game.