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  • CORE Institute School of Massage Therapy & Structural Bodywork


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Jennifer Keeney

Bringing you to a higher quality of life!

I use a variety of massage techniques, in combination with stretching, and moist heat, to individualize a session that is right for you. Whether you are looking for relief from back & neck pain, headaches, TMJ dysfunction, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle fatigue, discomfort during, and after pregnancy, or just need a relaxation massage, I can help! Massage can play a powerful role in your wellness program. A more comfortable person, is a happier person. 

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Massage, FL # MA67152



CORE Institute School of Massage Therapy & Structural Bodywork
Professional Massage Therapy Program


Notable Experiences

Thai Massage
I have taken a technique course on a type of Thai Massage that is provided on a table. I have several Thai type stretches that learned in this course that use with clients to help stretch & relax muscles, while increasing range of motion. While I have always included stretches as part of my sessions as fit, I have received amazing feedback on these particular ones. I do plan to continue my education in this field.
Clients who suffer from Fibromyalgia can suffer from a wide variety of symptoms, which usually always include pain. Massage can be a great asset in a patient's toolbox for helping managing many symptoms, from insomnia & fatigue, to chronic pain. It does take a delicate hand of experience, and good communication, to make sure you receive the massage that will help your symptoms, and not make them worse! I have taken a course specifically designed for massage therapists treating fibromyalgia patients, and have experience working with fibromyalgia suffers. It is always imperative for good communication, and care, when working with fibromyalgia patients.
Medical Massage Certification
I received my certification in medical massage the summer of 2012. I use techniques from these classes in nearly every massage I give. I learned to treat neck injuries, chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as treatments for legs. Later I added to this list by taking a medical massage class for TMJ dysfunction.
TMJ Dysfunction
I have taken a medical massage course specializing in the treatment of discomfort for people suffering from TMJ dysfunction. As a long time sufferer myself, I have a special understanding of this work, and the relief it can bring. Many people do not realize that along with jaw pain, comes neck pain, ear pain and headaches, that can be disabling. The specific techniques I use to provide relief to those with TMJ dysfunction, can bring relief to some, where other treatments have failed them.


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Ken W.
Dec 2016
Service Received
Therapeutic Massage
Jenn was very good about asking the right questions and really listening to my responses. She was also very good about checking in with how I was feeling during the massage.
Carla R.
Jun 2016
Service Received
Medical Massage
Excellent, professional and caring massage. Great care was taken of my frozen shoulder and everything explained. One of the best massages ever.