Adrienne Gill

Being the Love I want to see in the World!

I am passionate about the natural healing arts and achieving highest health and wellbeing for myself and for my clients! Every moment is anew as is every treatment for you. Each session is customized utilizing all my skills and talents as a body worker and energetic healer(Adrienne's Alchemy). I focus on my clients specific needs at time of session so as to achieve more flexibility, range of motion, vitality and total relaxation!

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MA # 3751


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Spa Tech Institute: Ipswich

Holistic Massage/Polarity Therapy


Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage

With 9 plus years experience I have worked in a variety of settings, from medical to spa and private practices. I am a perpetual student and have received a certificate in medical massage and am now board certified in Polarity Therapy. I love to learn and teach the latest state of the art natural healing techniques for my personal health and for the health of my clients. I practice and teach the lifestyle, beauty and benefits of Raw Living Foods, wrapping my talents and skillsets into a holistic health regime I like to call Adrienne's Alchemy. I have recently published a book "Sacred Space in a Song and a Prayer" of songs and positive affirmation prayers you may review online @ Love & Light Adrienne Gill, LMT, BCPP, Author