Kalinna Alderman

  • OR License #: 17212

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It has been my experience that trauma doesn't just happen from a physical injury and it doesn't just stay on the top of the skin, it goes down deep to the soul and it stays in the layers of the body with each breath and move we take. My focus is in the layers that refuse to release the emotional trauma associated with the physical dis-harmony.

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OR # 17212


Anthem College

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Since graduation I have worked with amazing Chiropractic doctors and numerous highly educated medical professionals. I have been to Nome Alaska where I was asked to bring a struggling office back up to speed and quickly fell in love with the land and people. My next journey is to my home land of County Cork Ireland and I look forward to learning new techniques from the professionals there. My most influential instructors from Anthem introduced and unlocked a destination in my soul that elevated my education to new heights and it is this education that I share with you here in my office.