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  • Massage, UT #7453550-4701


  • Sensory Development Institute


Bodywork & Massage

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Advanced Therapeutic Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Advanced Sports Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Advanced Deep Tissue Massage
  • Kinesio Taping- Therapeutic & Sports

Paul Dunsdon

Owner, therapist at Paul Dunsdon Therapeutic Massage & Sports Massage of Dixie est. 2009


Paul is board certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and is nationally recognized as a Medical and Sports Massage Practitioner. He is currently enrolled in a 48 month Advanced Sports & Bodywork Internship program in Las Vegas that he dedicat...


Massage, UT # 7453550-4701



Sensory Development Institute
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Massage Team Captain
8,000+ massage therapy hours experience providing massage at sporting events, team competition and training camps, business outreach events and in private practice. He continues his work as a current or past therapist of (Current): • Massage Team Captain: Ironman St George 70.3 US Pro Championships • Obstacle Course Racing Team, Maximus 300 • Amie Maesato and the Dumbbell Housewives Team • Iron Titans Gym and OCR Training Facility • Ride Southern Utah, Mountain and Road Bike Circuit • BBSC Endurance Sports... (Past): • Massage Team Captain: The St George Marathon • Massage Team Captain: Ironman St George & personal therapist for 2010 Ironman St George winner Michi Weiss • Huntsman's World Senior Games • National Horseshoe Pitchers Association • The Dixie Rebels, Semi-Pro Football Team of Southern Utah
by Arlen N. on Jan 15
There is no doubt about it, Paul is the best massage specialist I've ever been too. I have had problems with my shoulder for a long time and the session I had finally freed it up and I have very little pain left. He is very skilled at what he does and is a wonderful person to work with.
by summer c. on Jan 13
Very informative. I'm a need to know kind of person and he was very informative. Best massage ever!
by Jennifer A. on Jan 13
by Robert K. on Jan 10
I am very pleased with your analysis of my problem as well as the treatment. I look forward to our next session!
by Tom W. on Dec 14
Paul is Amazing and very good at using his skills to make you feel your best. not too wimpy when it comes to pressure during deep tissue massage like some masseurs. He is not afraid to get right in there and work the tension out.
by Melissa M. on Dec 06
Paul was professional and did a great Job- My back is very happy now!
by Benjamin P. on Nov 22
I appreciate that Paul understands my limitations and always helps me understand what my body is going through.
by Joey D. on Nov 21
This guy is a magician!
by Fern G. on Nov 18
Very good. Not knowing what to expect was very pleased. Makes you feel at ease. Identified problem and addressed as needed. He more than met my expectations.
by Barbara V. on Nov 17
Liked everything except had to ask him to decrease pressure on arthritic thumb! And as always Paul is very receptive to comments and requests of a specific nature. He is literally The Best! Barb V.
by Tammie H. on Nov 15
by Diane S. on Nov 15
I have never felt better...thanks to Paul's expertise!
by Anonymous on Nov 12
The best therapeutic massage I have ever had. His knowledge of the neuro-muscular system's function is amazing.
by Eric H. on Oct 06
Nothing to dislike. Paul ruins you from going to a spa ever again. Any other ace would pale in comparison. So much relief after back surgery it is amazing.
by Anonymous on Oct 05
Online booking. Quick response. Knowledgeable
by sherry L. on Oct 04
There is no other massage therapist like Paul. I have been to so many other therapist not getting the relief I was after, I suffer from RA and back problems, one visit from Paul and I am pain free and feeling great again. He does such AMAZING work!!
by Margie H. on Sep 14
Very friendly and professional. I felt a major difference in my body afterwards!
by Anonymous on Sep 05
Paul has really improved my mobility. Very grateful!
by Anonymous on Aug 22
Great results as usual! Thx.
by Patricia H. on Aug 13
Amazing results! Thanks Paul.
by Lucy G. on Aug 13
Thank you, I feel n better!
by Jone C. on Aug 01
Thanks Paul for the discount. That was a nice surprise.
by Canicia B. on Jul 28
Knows exactly what he's doing!
by Stacy A. on Jul 28
After years of various massage experiences, my eyes have been opened to the field of Sports Massage and credit is due to Paul Dunsdon. I was in town visiting friends and so benefited from my 1 hour session with Paul that I will be seeking out sports massage in my area. After a quick initial assessment, he knew exactly where the issues in my back and shoulder were and worked on those issues instead of applying a "cookie cutter massage" pattern as I have experienced in the past. He also explained what he was doing and why - something my science brain appreciates. This was the perfect massage for my problem areas and I cannot recommend him enough.
by Allison M. on Jul 19
He is working out all my kinks. I think he does a great job. And listens.
by erik s. on Jul 19
Paul is a massage genius. I highly recommend him for sports related injuries specifically, but any soreness generally.
by Anonymous on Jul 10
I felt much more relaxed and ready to run after my massage!
by Stephanie W. on Jun 24
Great sports massage work would recommend to any athlete.
by Erin E. on Jun 23
Paul is a miracle worker. He's so easy to book with and he gets me fixed up in no time. There is not a better sports massage therapist in southern Utah.
by Bill P. on Jun 16
Great massage! Would like to see a place to hang up clothes as opposed to laying them on a chair. I would have done the hour had the website been a little more clear on the discount. I'll be back and will tell friends.
by Kayla C. on Jun 09
Paul was nothing short of amazing... Very professional and thorough. I highly recommend him to every athlete out there.
by Robert S. on Jun 08
Paul has focused on helping me recover from a recent surgery. The results have been amazing. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has had a recent injury or surgery.
by Shanda E. on Jun 03
Pauls knowledge and understanding are definitely in the "expert"category! I referred someone to him today.
by Timothy E. on May 27
Loved the METS approach. I'm very hopeful of recovery from some of my injuries.
by Donna H. on May 24
Paul is an excellent therapeutic massage therapist!
by Wesley S. on May 23
Paul did a good assessment of my situation and focused on resolving my specific issues.
by Michelle D. on May 22
I am always satisfied with my experience. Best hour of my day.
by Casie F. on May 21
As an athlete, I would highly recommend Payl's sports massages to other athletes.
by Sherry U. on May 06
I totally enjoyed my message he makes you work but it is so worth it!
by Shawn J. on May 04
Paul did an amazing job working on the areas that were need to get me ready for St. George Ironman 70.3
by Anonymous on Apr 29
Paul is a miracle worker!
by Denim F. on Apr 28
Very knowledgable. He knew problem areas without being told.
by Ginger M. on Apr 28
Paul does an amazing job of getting to the core of the issue and helping to work it out. He not only helps the symptoms but goes deeper to try to figure out which muscles are causing the problem to begin with. I always feel so much better after a session. Paul is very professional and talks to you every step of the way.
by Lincoln B. on Apr 23
Thank you for suggesting back to back sessions. I am definitely feeling the benefit.
by Anonymous on Apr 21
Fabulous and much needed and appreciated body work. Thank you!!!
by Lindsay H. on Apr 15
Really enjoyed my latest massage from Paul. His new technique That he is adding to his already great massage has been a great experience for me. Highly recommend paul for all of your massage needs. Lindsay.
by Mary S. on Apr 07
Very knowledgeable and explained everything about sports massge thoroughly. Went above & beyond. I hadn't realized how much time he spent with me until after I left. Highly recommend!
by Joy B. on Apr 01
Paul you always make me feel great after a session. Not just the massage but the friendship that we have developed.
by Chelsea O. on Mar 24
I love that Paul explained things as he went. He gave me a better understanding of my body. I am hoping to come back really soon!
by Arleesa P. on Mar 24
Thank you for the great work!
by Shauna J. on Mar 22
I went to see Paul post surgery for pain relief and increased range of motion in my ankle. He is very thorough and really listened to all my concerns. I'm excited to see more and more improvements in my recovery. Thanks Paul!
by Nick P. on Mar 17
Very professional and welcoming. Didn't know if I would feel different afterwards and I certainly did. Great work.
by Rebecca P. on Mar 15
Loved it. I will be back.
by Anonymous on Mar 15
paul is very knowledgable and willing to help fix concerns, I very much appreciate it.
by Jan H. on Mar 11
Perceptive and professional; takes time to understand specific issues and address them.
by CURTIS R. on Mar 03
by Starr F. on Feb 28
Amazingly quick recovery after the race! Thank you!
by Anonymous on Feb 28
I'll take a sports massage over a regular massage any day!!
by Anonymous on Feb 25
Thorough assessment and skilled application of therapy by Paul.
by Cynthia M. on Feb 23
My sports massage was professional, thorough, and effective. I also liked the communication and feedback during the therapy. I left feeling lighter and "straighter."
by Melissa D. on Feb 21
Paul was amazing and very professional!
by Anonymous on Feb 19
Amazing experience! I highly recommend Paul to all my friends and family!
by Debbie B. on Feb 15
I've been going to Paul for over two years now. He's incredibly talented and skillful. I was teasing that he knew how to find every trouble spot on my body; it's amazing how he does! He's a must!
by Anonymous on Feb 13
He did a great job! I really appreciate his insight in helping my Achilles heal quicker.
by Heather P. on Feb 09
I like all of the education provided as Paul worked with and on me. it was all great! i appreciated the good draping practices and communication.
by Patricia H. on Feb 06
What's not to like? Amazing massage...thank you Paul!
by Rachel P. on Jan 25
Paul was professional, engaged, and educated me on specific needs I had. While I have had massages in the past, Paul knew exactly how to customize based on information I had provided. Recently I started training for an OCR, Paul took the time to educate me on muscles that are showing resistance and what was needed to work those muscles to their full potential. He answered all my questions without hesitation in a clear concise manner. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment.
by Barbara N. on Jan 21
Highly recommended for sports/deep tissue work! Paul is awesome!
by Anonymous on Jan 19
Paul did a fantastic job asking the right questions and understanding what my health needs were. My first time going to Sports Massage of Dixie and I will definitely be back
by Anonymous on Jan 19
It was exactly what I needed.
by Lee T. on Jan 18
Dislike? How powerful Paul's hands were when massaging out the stress areas in lats & shoulders! No, I loved every minute of the hour spent getting manipulated by Mr. Dunsdon! I WILL be back!
by Joanne C. on Dec 31
I really appreciate Paul's professionalism, knowledge and skill. He has a way of making one feel comfortable and relaxed, so, thanks again, I will be back !
by Anonymous on Dec 28
Paul did a great job addressing my areas of concern.
by Arlen N. on Dec 15
Paul gives the best massage that you will ever get. I have had many massages and no one does them better.
by Lisa F. on Nov 24
Thank you so much for helping out at the spur of the moment!
by Barbara V. on Nov 13
Paul begins by making sure he addresses the problem areas I have expressed. He is always mindful of how I react to his massage techniques, and displays the skills and knowledge necessary to relieve my discomfort. Paul is simply the best massage therapist I have ever found.