Jonathan Reynolds

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Treating people like people.

Licensed Massage Therapist that seeks to provide a relaxing experience in this fast paced world. Just a place where people can let go of their stress and not have to worry about their aches/pains, their kids, family, or work for a moment. It's good for the mind as well as the body and it's something I enjoy doing. I offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Hot Stone massages both in office and in the comfort of your own home.

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IL # 227.020154

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Lizzy on May 02
Jonathan is highly skilled and very knowledgeable and respectful. He was able to reach the spots that were causing a lot of pain and tension. I'm feeling much better now! Highly recommended.
by Rosie on Apr 04
by Charnell on Mar 28
I was very pleased with my service. I did go home and take a half hour nap before my next appointment. Very relaxed, and I feel so much better, still today. Thanks, again.
by Sheryl on Mar 28
My deep tissue massage with Jonathan followed a shiatsu massage with Elliott. I was a little apprehensive about back to back massages, but there is a different focus between the two and must say the combination was phenomenal! Jonathan was knowledgeable, experienced and would definitely recommend! Thought I would be sore from the combination, but woke up with no pain and feeling fabulous!
by Kelly on Mar 20
Jonathan gives one of the best massages. So impressed!
by Cindy on Mar 14
Johathan put me at ease from the beginning since I really didn't know what to expect. I was impressed by his skill and he treated me very kindly and professional.
by Doug on Mar 08
Jonathan worked hard to get the knots out of my back. He does a very good deep tissue massage.
by Zach on Mar 08
I liked Jonathan's professionalism and his willingness to figure out what my problem areas were and how to alleviate them. The only thing I regret was that I didn't ask to apply more pressure. That was my fault; not his. Overall, I believe Jonathan is a great masseuse. I will be rescheduling another appointment.
by Marilyn on Feb 22
Loved it.
by Julie on Feb 21
I liked the time of stone massage to hand massage ratio. Jonathan had some inexperience with this technique but that surely will come in short time. He was a nice young man and did well making me feel comfortable.