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Alisha is a licensed massage therapist and skin care specialist with over 5,000 hours of hands on experience in both spa and medical settings.

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TX # MT122301


International Academy

Massage Therapy and Skin Care


Massage and Skin Care by Alisha--Owner, Therapist

I have owned and operated Massage and Skin Care by Alisha for 3 years. During that time, I did outcalls in the sunny state of Florida 15-20 hours a week. I currently operate out of a spa in Sherman, Tx. My modalities include, but are not limited to, myofacial release, deep tissue. prenatal, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic, and hot stone massage.

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Mary on Jan 05
Alisha seems to know exactly what areas need the most work even if I don’t tell her.
by Tracie on Jan 04
The BEST, as usual!!
by Crystal on Dec 01
You’re the best! Thank you for everything! Your prices are so affordable and you do such a great job! I always recommend you to everyone!
by Michelle on Nov 19
Massage was wonderful as always. Always great about getting me in and working with me. Did an amazing job working out my knots and relieving my pain.
by Tanya on Sep 18
I am already ready for my appointment for next week!
by Beverly on Sep 14
Alisha has really helped me feel better. She always asks how I'm feeling when I first come in, and adjusts my massage accordingly. She is amazing, and really cares about her clients!
by Anonymous on Sep 04
Always provides a relaxing experience!
by Donna on Aug 26
I have been looking for a great massage therapist since moving here 6 years need to look any further...Alisha is the best!! Thank you so much!!
by Jan on Aug 15
When you did my feet it hurt on my right foot. I should have told you. I have been stepped on several times through the years by horses. My big toe and the second toe on my right foot are always touchy. It wasn't your fault, I should have said something.
by Anonymous on Aug 09
I love every part of going in to see Alisha! I couldn't imagine seeing another masseuse!