Pam Jankoski

World Peace, one Massage at a time!

After doing massage for 17+ years, I tend to combine many massage techniques in one session so that you receive the exact massage you need that day. I strive to send you back out into the world with a more pain-free & mobile body, and a feeling of serenity and peacefulness!

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WI # 3378-046, 14175-146

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

# 398067-00


Blue Sky School of Professions Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork: Grafton

Medical Massage



Focusing on pressure points and trigger points in order to relieve the unhealthy tone of an entire muscle is incredibly effective and satisfying.

Ayurvedic Massage

The elements of air, water and earth need to be in balance within our bodies for our bodies our minds and our lives to be in balance. Using aromatherapy and massage strokes specific to your elemental needs, we will work to get you in ayurveda balance.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy re-sets the cerebrospinal fluid rhythm and is extremely beneficial for clients in a high level of pain, clients with chronic pain or headaches, clients with concentration issues or insomnia. It uses a very gentle touch over clothing. This type of session is suitable for any age, from infant to elderly and anywhere in between.

Myofascial Release

Is great for burn survivors, chronic pain clients, and can increase range of motion for clients with mobility issues. This technique is typically used with other techniques due to its intensity.


Neuromuscular therapy pinpoints muscles and precise nerve areas that may be limiting your range of motion. Using passive stretching and friction, muscles can release giving you almost instantly relief.

Sports Massage

After working with professional athletes, marathoners, skiers, surfers, and even musicians, I have seen the effect of pre-performance massage in readying the body for intense activity, as well as the necessary calming effects of post-performance massage in order to quickly promote recovery and healing.


I have an incredible cushion that allows mom to be to lie on her stomach comfortably throughout her pregnancy. All of the discomforts of pregnancy can be addressed, but know that the only cure for these pains is labor and delivery! I have a special place in my heart for mama's. I can also help with post-delivery swelling and pain, as well as sore arms and shoulders from holding baby. I am also trained in infant massage and am a certified infant massage instructor.


Whether you are dealing with an autoimmune disease or cancer, massage therapy has the potential to help - even if it's just to provide comfort for a short while. I have experience working with a wide range of conditions, and have even provided end of life massage. For any medical condition, permission from your supervising doctor must be received in writing prior to your first session.


Reiki is a form of energy work that can also be called healing touch when used in hospital or religious settings. By using the energy within me to balance the energy that is stagnant or flowing improperly in you, we can break down barriers to healing, and assist in breaking dysfunctional cycles.

REVIEWS for my Coaching or Bodywork services

by Anonymous on Nov 07
Couldn't be happier with Pam or my experience
by Claire on Nov 04
Pam is simply the best! Best massage therapist I’ve ever had!
by Ericka on Sep 25
Pam is incredibly professional and does such a wonderful job. She is very knowledgeable.
by darcey on Aug 13
Very professional and courteous! Best massage ever!!
by Sujith Kumar Reddy on Aug 01
by Anonymous on Jul 01
Very much liked her ability to work out knots and kinks everywhere
by Diana on Jun 12
Very knowledgeable staff. Warm and friendly environment.
by Deborah on Jun 06
Pam does a great overall massage, and can also focus on areas as needed. So happy she is in Sheboygan!
by Anonymous on May 28
Pam was great. She attended to my requested needs, and made sure I was very comfortable. Would certainly go again
by Michelle on May 23
This was the best message I have had in a long time. I plan on making this a monthly appointment. Thank you!

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