Josh Robinson

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  • Massage, NC #10148


  • The Whole You School of Massage & Bodywork Thearpy


Bodywork & Massage

  • Myofascial Release
  • Sinus
  • Massage & Bodywork Therapy
  • Other
  • Aromatherapy
  • Customized
  • Reflexology

Josh Robinson

Massage & Bodywork Therapist, Shallotte NC

Josh specializes in MyoFascial Release and Whole Body Integration! Josh has been at Family First Health Center 3+ Years with lots of experience working with all types of traumas, injuries, and chronic pain! With training at The Whole You School of Massage and Bodywork Therapy josh received a vast education on the body as a whole and how it naturally functions! Josh has also Attended john Barnes Pelvic Fascial Release Class! Using this training and lots of experience Josh is able to customize ... more

Where I Work

Family First Health Center  

4911 Bridgers RD, Shallotte, NC 28470 Map it


Massage, NC # 10148



The Whole You School of Massage & Bodywork Thearpy
Massage School


Notable Experiences

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