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Healing body, mind and spirit!

Through different massage techniques such as SMRT, MFR, I work with the human body to facilitate healing and well being. I work with your body to help correct dysfunction, while reducing pain, allowing you to get back to a healthier life style. Call Today to schedule your appointment.

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2BME Myofascial Release Studio


55 Oak Creek Blvd

Sedona, AZ 86336


AZ # MT-17712


Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a manual therapy approach that provides gentle and sustained pressure on the body to ease restrictions, alleviate pain, reduce stiffness, increase fluidity of motion and improve overall function. Every organ, bone, muscle, nerve, tissue and even cell of the body is surrounded by a continuous tissue called fascia. Fascia is like a spider web that extends without interruption from head to toe. Any kind of stress, injury or inflammation first manifests in the fascia resulting in restrictions and dehydration before presenting as symptoms of pain, stiffness and rigidity of motion. Why are practitioners focusing on bone or muscle at the site of pain or stiffness when it is more effective to focus on the fascia that is causing the restrictions? Why should our focus be at the specific site of the pain or stiffness when we know that every part of the body is interconnected by the network of fascia? Myofascial Release treatments remediate the symptoms by addressing the cause. This is the reason why Myofascial Release provides lasting changes and not temporary fixes. Myofascial Release Therpay SedonaMyofascial Release is a highly effective form of advanced manual therapy that helps reduce or eliminate pain and makes it easier to move. Many different techniques are incorporated into Myofascial Release treatments. It feels like slow, sustained, mostly gentle compression combined with a specific method of stretching that optimizes your body’s structural alignment by balancing the tone and length of the myofascial system. It is very different from massage therapy. myo = muscle appears pink fascia = a type of connective tissue appears whitish This technique is used to treat dysfunction within the body and help relieve pain and restriction of motion. To accomplish this the fascia system is worked with directly. Pressure is applied into the system without any oils or lotions, allowing the therapist to detect the fascial restrictions, while continuing to apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure to facilitate the release of the fascia from within the body. What creates these restrictions within the body? Trauma or injury, surgical procedures, inflammatory responses, and any kind of stress on the body. Extensive training with John F. Barnes. Training includes: MFR I MFR II MFR III Skill Enhancement Unwinding Advanced Unwinding Fascial Pelvis Cervical Thoracic Rebounding Women's Health Subtle Energy Most classes more than once.


SMRT - Addresses structures beyond muscles, including: ligaments, tendons, fascia and meridians. Accomplishes physical and energetic release at the same time. Releases trigger points painlessly.

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by Ciardha on Aug 05
Superb knowledge, skill, receptivity, and intuition. Nicole is a truly gifted and amazing therapist!
by Marjorie on Jul 19
Nicole is a wonder! I am 75 years old with severe pain in my hips and lower back that I especially noticed in recent months. Nicole's explanation and therapeutic plan for releasing this pain make perfect sense. After 3 sessions I feel the pain retreating which makes me a strong believer in myofascial therapy with Nicole's expertise. I am very physically active and want to remain that way!!!

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2BME Myofascial Release Studio

55 Oak Creek Blvd

Sedona, AZ 86336