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Colin Godwin

There are no bad decisions only the next decision.

I started to massage when living in a commune  in northern California. We would sit around the fireplace room in the evenings singing and giving each other neck and shoulder rubs. I was told that I had "good hands" and people started to come to me for massage. Then a therapist came from Esalan Institute to give a massage course and I took it. My first course that offered certification was much later. Then I took more courses that interested me. In the years that I've been massaging I've disco... more

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Colin Godwin  

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Massage, CA # None Given



New Age School of Massage


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Education and Continuing Education also Instructor Position Held
My massage training includes the following: Lymphatic Massage, Acupressure, Massage for Acute and Chronic Injuries, Breema, Polarity, Reflexology, and Swedish-Esalen. I am a former Massage instructor at the Niyama School of Massage, Harbin Hot Springs, CA.