Zoe Abigail Bermet

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  • Cortiva Institute: Seattle


Bodywork & Massage

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Zoe Abigail Bermet

Bodywork to make you feel whole again

Life in the modern world can be busy and stressful. Often we have so many demands on our attention that we neglect the messages our bodies are giving us until something big happens like an illness or injury. Massage can help support our bodies to recover and heal from the big traumas of life such as major illness, surgery, car accidents, or overuse injuries, but it can also help us rebalance and recalibrate when we are feeling out of balance from the stresses of everyday life. That is the bea... more

Where I Work

Zoe Bermet, LMP  

1902 E. Aloha St., Seattle, WA 98112 Map it



Cortiva Institute: Seattle
1000 Hour Professional Licensing Program


Notable Experiences

Myofascial Release
Completed over 200 hours of a mentorship program with Dawn Schmidt, a master bodyworker with over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience.