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  • Personal Trainer, # CI#922-16 and CI#529-2


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Bodywork & Massage

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Maxine Bodson

Strength Doesn't Coming From Winning..Your Struggle Develop Your Strengths, as you go through hardships and decide not to surrender....THAT IS Strength!...quote..Arnold Schwarzenegger

My philosophy on healing is a belief that the body and mind must be connected to heal oneself. 
There is truth in the saying, "what you believe you conceive".  When I form a thought in my mind,
i.e., I will exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep & relieve stress and aches with massage, i relax.  
Fitness and nutrition are paramount to good health, when I couple that w the healing touch of massage,  
my body corresponds by creating a general wellness with seldom a need for a physician.
 I have b...

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1512 blvd., SEASIDE PARK, NJ 08752 Map it

Personal Trainer, # CI#922-16 and CI#529-2



Body Mind & Spirit
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Sports Massage & Stretching
Since I became a Massage favorite was always Sports Massage & Stretching...Right out of school I took more CEU classes on the subject and Joined the NJ Sports Massage Team where I volunteered at many triathlons, biathlons, swim events, MS 150 bike events, and the most exciting experience was volunteering at the NY Marathon and meeting some of the elite runners from other countries. Being very active myself in one form or another I have been a cyclist (century rides..flat and hills), bodybuilding, mud runs, Those who are athletic love my body work....Being I am a personal trainer, I am always eager to advise not only the athlete, but the weekend warrior on how to take care of their body in order to get the MOST out of their massage.. I am one that practices what I preach....To The Maxx!!!