Jason Fouts

Peace, One Body at a Time

Improving flow, reducing stress, releasing deep tension.

My bodywork will help connect your mind to your body.

With 20 years of experience, over 1000 hours of training and a lifetime of giving and receiving massages, I can help restore and revive. 

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Awakening Spirit Massage School

Massage Therapy

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Krista on Apr 23
Very therapeutic!
by Anonymous on Mar 24
Jason is a remarkable massage therapist with a unique method that truly helps alleviate stress and the physical effects of past injuries. He tailers each massage to the individual, unlike anything I've seen with others. Jason is effective at removing pain and reducing the likelihood if it returning. When I am in a regular weekly routine with jason, I find my pain takes longer and longer to return. I am thrilled that I have found such a skilled and talented massage therapist in Santa Cruz.
by Anonymous on Mar 21
Jason is one of the best massage therapists in town! I cannot recommend him highly enough.
by Angelee on Mar 04
Jason's touch is always just right-- not too firm, not too light. He has an uncanny way of knowing where my knots are and working them out pleasurably.
by Anonymous on Jan 15
Jason, you are a healer extraordinare. Thank you!
by Anonymous on Jan 07
Jason is one of the best massage therapists in Santa Cruz, if not THE best.
by Robb on Dec 31
Jason is a master masseur. His understanding of physiology helps work with the body to truly tease out the kinks and help the muscles release. Highly recommended!
by Robin on Dec 31
Required Comments? Well really great!!!
by Angelee on Dec 03
Jason is incredibly intuitive. He applies just the right amount of pressure to the right places every time. Yesterday I asked for special attention to my right shoulder and neck. Later that night while stretching at home, I could really feel the difference between my right and left sides. I'll have to go back and get the left side done some more! ;-) Wonderful massage.
by Anonymous on Nov 21
Jason has an incredibly healing touch. Obviously fine tuned by years of thearaputic massage.

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