Jada Delaney Barbara

A person's sanity is not only serviced by the mind, but also the state of their internal organs

Transformational Abdominal Massage 

(based on Chi Nei Tsang/ Chinese Abdominal Massage),
rejuvenates the movement of chi/energy in the abdomen encouraging the organs to work more efficiently and reminds the body of its optimal state. TAM purges the system of unprocessed emotions and unwanted pollutants and harmonizes the flow of energy to all the major systems in the body (nervous, digestive, muscular, skeletal, reproductive, lymphatic, urinary, cardiovascular and endocrine).

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Chi Nei Tsang Institute

CNT Eastern/Western Anatomy and Physiology


Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Fusion of the Five Elemental Forces


Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Internal Organs Integrated Massage


Trinity College

Massage Therapy Program


Terra Turquoise Healing Arts

Chi Nei Tsang Apprentice Workshop for Practitioners

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Anonymous on Nov 01
Jada is a super-talent and is truly the best of the best. She is so kind, sensitive, powerful and in-tune and my body feels transformed for the better after every session with her. So grateful for her wonderful work.
by Monique on Jul 28
Jada is an AMAZING person. The mix between her lovely energy and delightful, kind and true personality mixed with her knowledge and connection to energy will leave you with an experience you will never forget.
by Diana on May 13
My overall experience was great. Grateful this service exists. Thank you Jada!
by Anonymous on Jan 16
I loved the healing that occurred. I loved working with someone who sees my light and encourages me to see it too.
by Gail on Jan 10
I feel so lucky to have found Jada during my travels to Santa Barbara. I have been to a lot of different people in many different states, but have never found intuitive healing skills like Jada's. Thank you Jada!
by Cindy on Dec 20
Jade is an amazing healer! I'm so glad I found her :)
by Shelli on Dec 20
Jada's life work empowers, reveals, encourages and heals..so be ready for transformation. She'll hold space for you. I set up 2 follow up appointments the day I returned from my session.
by Jason on Dec 13
Jada was great, amazing results!
by Anonymous on Dec 11
Jada’s work is amazing - hard to put into words. You have to experience it to understand ????
by Cindy on Nov 12
Jade is a gifted healer and I feel honored to have a sessions with her!

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