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The Invitation

In each moment lies an invitation to return to what is present – your breath, your heartbeat, your very existence.

Sometimes, we’ve spent minutes, days, and even years disconnected from what in our field is wanting attention, forming into an imbalance – may it be pain, stress, disease, challenging relationships with people and money, and so on.

My life’s path has brought me to offer you support on your return towards Self. That is, the integration of the parts – physical, mental,...

The Invitation

In each moment lies an invitation to return to what is present – your breath, your heartbeat, your very existence.

Sometimes, we’ve spent minutes, days, and even years disconnected from what in our field is wanting attention, forming into an imbalance – may it be pain, stress, disease, challenging relationships with people and money, and so on.

My life’s path has brought me to offer you support on your return towards Self. That is, the integration of the parts – physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual.

You choose what you are wanting to address on any given session. Through our flow of communication, shared intuition, my acquired skills, and your body as an access point, we bring awareness to what is deserving of attention – this can be a specific injury or trauma, chronic pain, stress that is unclear, or many other states of imbalance, in order to hold space for healing (revealing the lost information).

With these words I invite you onto the therapy table to take a profound breath and drop into a space of presence and healing.

Infinite Blessings,


My Background

The core training and professional experiences that have shaped me up to this moment are such in Sport Psychology (B.S), Therapeutic Massage (LMT), Physical Therapy (clinical experience and prerequisite track), Tantra Yoga (RYT-500), Shamanism (Kawsay Pacha Escuela, 9 months and ongoing training) and nearly a decade of coaching various sports and movement classes.


¿Qué sensación deseas experimentar en tu cuerpo, mente y espíritu?

¿Es una ausencia de molestias relacionada con demasiada o muy poca actividad?

¿O quizás es liberarte de tensión relacionada con el estrés de la vida?

¿Tienes una lesión crónica que has estado ignorando o no has podido recibir la ayuda adecuada?

¿Cómo te quieres sentir después de que se termine la sesión de terapia de masaje?

Mi nombre es Apolo y estoy entrenado en técnicas avanzadas de masaje deportivo, técnicas clínicas y de rehabilitación, masaje tradicional tailandés, y utilizo herramientas especializadas (“cupping”, herramientas de raspado, herramientas de manipulación de la fascia) para trabajar con el sistema fascial a un nivel profundo.

He sido un atleta de “elite” durante la mayor parte de mi vida (triatlón, pista), obtuve mi Licenciatura en Ciencias en psicología en Florida State University (con un enfoque en Psicología Deportiva), soy entrenador / entrenador personal y también Instructor de Yoga avanzado (RYT-500) y recibí una educación espectacular en terapia de masajes en The Florida School of Massage. Mi experiencia me ha estado preparando para este mismo momento: para brindar el más alto nivel de terapia de masaje y ejercicio ortopédico a quienes lo necesitan.

¡Espero con interés trabajar con usted!


*PD. Si no ves disponibilidad en el mi horario / hora que sea conveniente para usted, no dude en llamarme / enviarme un mensaje de texto y haré todo lo posible para encontrar una hora para verlo/a. (305) 546-9980

Principales áreas de enfoque: Soy hábil trabajando en lesiones ortopédicas / de tejidos blandos, además de proporcionar trabajo corporal que fomente una sensación general de armonía en el cuerpo. También proporciono sesiones que son esenciales para el mantenimiento atlético al mismo tiempo que creo un espacio relajante para la sanacion.

Idiomas: hablo inglés / español

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Política de cancelación: puedes cancelar en cualquier momento dentro de las 24 horas para evitar que se le cobre por 50% de una sesión.

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FL # 86040


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Florida State University

Bachelors of Science – Sport Psychology


Florida School of Massage

Massage and Hydrotherapy Day Program


Miami Dade College/ Santa Fe Community College

Prerequisites for physical therapy school


Sports Massage Advanced Certification

During this 75 hour comprehensive and interdisciplinary certification, I learned advanced massage techniques, orthopedic tests, implementation of flexibility techniques, and worked at several events massaging athletes.

Post Injury Running Coach Certification

During this 18 hour course normally limited to physical therapists, I learned to help clients identify running related injuries, how do self-treat them, and develop programming to help facilitate an injury-free return to running.

Thai Massage Certification

This is a comprehensive 108-hour course at The Bodhi Sangha School of Thai Massage in Gainesville, Florida. The certification emphasizes not only the very unique sequences of manual techniques associated with the healing art of Thai massage, but also the act of practicing Metta, or lovingkindness will giving to a client.


Triathlon and Swim Coach - Tri2One

I planned and implemented swimming and conditioning training sessions for a diverse group of triathletes and runners in Miami, Florida from 2014 - 2016.

USAT All-American Triathlete 2011

I earned All-American status under USA Triathlon in the 20-24 age group. Some notable performances include winning numerous races in Florida such as Suncoast Triathlon and Mack Cycle Trilogy Series overall as well as qualifying for the 2011 Age Group World Championships in Beijing, China.

Florida State University D1 Track Athlete

I ran/trained for the 800m for the nationally-ranked Florida State University's Track & Field team for the 2012 season as a graduate student/assistant. I did not compete due to achilles tendinitis injury.

State Champion - Track and Field and XC

Anchored the undefeated Belen Jesuit Preparatory School 4x800m relay team to a first place finish at the 2007 FHSAA State Championships. Was also a key member in both the 2006 State Champion Cross Country team (3rd man) and the 2007 State Champion Track team (4x800m, 800m, 4x400m).

Personal Trainer - NCCPT

As a personal trainer, I created and implemented workout programs for individuals and groups alike in Miami, Florida from 2013 - 2015. Several of my specialties included corrective and functional exercise, bootcamp-style sessions, and individual/group swim sessions.

Swim Instructor

For 6 years, I taught swim lessons to hundreds of individuals and groups alike with clients ranging from 2 years old to over 65. The intention of every session was different from learning to take first strokes, to competing in open-water races.

Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (ACE)

During this course, I trained and studied materials in order to develop exercise programs and incorporate progressions that address muscle imbalances, prevent injury, and improve movement patterns, muscular strength and endurance.


Physical Therapy Aide - Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists and Shands Rehab Hospital

I led patients through orthopedic exercises and cued select clients through running-specific rehabilitative exercises, among numerous other responsibilities. Miami, Florida and Gainesville, Florida.

Orangetheory Fitness Gainesville Coach

I have been a coach at Orangetheory since 2015, leading groups of 24 members at a time through dynamic exercise sessions incorporating running, rowing, and strength work. Workouts are heart-rate monitored to gauge intensity and motivate members.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Kristin on Sep 26
The best way to get rid of the issues traveling here and start enjoying wonderful Puerto Rico! I felt amazing after the massage. Thanks Apolo!
by Anonymous on Jun 26
Apolo is a master!
by Blake on Jun 19
Helped me move energy into balance. Thank you
by Anonymous on Feb 20
by Ava on May 11
Apolo uses his hands with intuition and precision. I was very receptive and completely comfortable and relaxed the entire massage. With Apolo's added creativity you can trust to receive all his attention and possibly the best massage you will ever have.. Massage therapy is his passion and his caring & empathetic attitude shines through brightly, all while holding a safe space for energy work. I feel restored, balanced and more connected to my internal and external body. Thank you Apolo, you are a unique gift to the world of healing and massage!
by Alejandro on Oct 20
Javier is a gifted, compassionate healing artist. He has the ability to deeply listen with his hands and applying a very personal touch that was very therapeutic and healing. As a bodyworker my self I've received many massages and by far he stands out one of the tops. The office is located in a beautiful serene place, away from the noise with plenty of parking. Once I walked in he greeted me and went to the massage room. I loved the space and energy of the entire facility, very clean, fresh, welcoming and safe. His space is also very welcoming and peaceful. After telling him a whole story of how I was feeling at the moment he was very intuitive in selecting a music that made the session special. So a deep sense of intuition and really listening to my underling mood that was able for him to pick up and execute through his work and art. A true gift and a natural. My body, mind and soul felt rejuvenated, cleansed and touched with compassion after the session and also in a therapeutic level, my aches and pains vanished and increasing range of motion. I am very grateful to have received from an amazing therapist that is making a healing loving ripple for every person he touches.
by Zipporah on Oct 19
I loved my massage from Javier! He was intuitive and present with his touch, checking in with me when he noticed if there needed to be any adjustments. He has a very comforting presence and I trusted his abilities. He addressed every part I asked him to and did not go over-time. I felt so relaxed and grateful for the time spent with him, it made the rest of my day even better. Best way to start my morning thats for sure.
by Sam on Oct 12
My session with Javi was wonderful and everything I could have asked for. He asked me about my well-being and what I wanted from the massage and how I wanted to feel after. I felt safe to tell him what was going on physically and emotionally. I had been feeling irritable for days before the massage, and after receiving his touch and presence I felt back to my normal state of happiness and peace. The physical massage was lovely as well, very thorough, excellent pressure, meeting my edge but not going past it, and addressing all areas of concern I had mentioned and then some. His oils/lotions he used on my skin smelled so good. He even had dark chocolate on his desk for after! Hands down one of the best massage experiences I’ve had. So grateful.
by Anonymous on Jul 15
Javier has a very sensitive touch and is totally in tune with his patients' requests. All in all it was a wonderful experience!
by Sophie on Jul 04
Very targeted massage - the therapist took the time to talk and inquire about areas of particular discomfort, tension, or soreness, ultimately providing a very effective and productive massage.

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